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What "traditional Neapolitan song" is the basis for the song Un Monde Parfait?

Asked by PhiNotPi (11621 points ) 1 month ago

This is an unusually specific question, but the great Google has been unsuccessful. Perhaps, by some small chance, someone here knows something about it.

Un Monde Parfait is a French song from 2005 which I heard many years ago. According to Wikipedia, and a bunch of other sources, it is “based on a traditional Neapolitan song.” The problem is that no source seems to say which Neapolitan song. Long story short, I wish to listen to it, because I find the music pretty catchy.

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I have no interest in listening to and then comparing songs, but here’s a list of traditional Neapolitan songs.

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@syz Thanks for your help. I’ve pretty much given up at this point, but I did find some nice sounding Neapolitan music.

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It is a catchy tune, and a fun little toon. It does have a traditional french sound, but nothing I could recognize.
How can this not be about ice cream? Parfait… Neapolitan…Those dancing cows…

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This article (in French) says it was written by a Frenchman living in Naples.

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Then it would qualify as Neapolitan, I guess.

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