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Is one half cup of pasta all we should eat or do you eat more?

Asked by Aster (16763 points ) April 5th, 2014

I was watching a tv show where an overweight lady was being trained by this guy who said she could eat one half cup of spaghetti only with a big salad. Is this the norm? I hope not because I bet you I eat two cups. How much pasta do you allow yourself to eat?

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I don’t eat pasta. It’s just carbs and I feel awful after eating it. In the past year I have actually had a few bites of pasta along with something else (around ¼ cup with pesto), but only rarely – and as a side to chicken and vegetables.

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One half cup, mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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I think the only way you could eat more than a half cup is if you were considering pasta to be a main dish, which it is not. It’s a side. It would be odd to have a side of something so heavy and eat more than a half cup, right?

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Pasta can be a main dish, @hominid.

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I love pasta. Half a cup? Yeah right. It’s part of a main dish for me many times.

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It is usually not a side for me. It is the main course with spaghetti sauce or mixed with my Chinese chicken sauce. I wish I could change the question now.

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@Aster: Change the question why? You could always ask a new question.

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Was the half-cup measurement when the pasta was dry; or after cooking when it had absorbed a lot of liquid and doubled in size? There is a major difference, and they should have pointed that out on the program.

It seems pretty clear that the person on the program that struggles with their weight has a very different metabolism than you do, @Aster. If you can eat two cups of pasta and not suffer problems with your glucose levels or weight, then you are fortunate.

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