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Why does my iMac keyboard go "connection lost" then "connected" all day?

Asked by Aster (15577 points ) 2 months ago

It is so awful for the last week to have this green light blinking on the keyboard and the monitor to say, “connection lost” then you can’t type; then “connected.” Or the last letter typed (like “e”) will go , “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…” Can doing “updates” cause this? How can I fix it? TIA !

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Try putting new batteries in it, seems to cure mine.

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Thanks. I did two weeks ago but they were from Ebay so I’ll try again.

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@Aster sometimes batteries are dead or really weak when you get them, so put in another set and see what happens.

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Thanks so much. I hope I can find three around here.

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@SQUEEKY2 Bingo! Thanks so much and more!!!

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