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what's the best way to move a piano?

Asked by hairyclairey79 (11 points ) November 13th, 2006
Upright, up two flights of stairs, transporting in a van or truck.
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you have to get wide boards of wood. use them as ramps. make sure to use stoppers at either end of the ramps. sometimes you can use concrete blocks and start back farther to lessen the steepness of the ramp. also, have lots of friends who can push, and friends behind those friends who can support.
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or just hire someone for like $50 to move it for you . . .
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I would totally hire someone else to do it. If you don't know what you're doing you risk really injuring yourself or damaging the piano.
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i agree. get pros to do it. also, you may have to get it retuned once you're done moving it.
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Get someone else to do it!
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hire a piano mover. they know what they're doing
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Pianos are like septic tanks; moving them stinks.
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Hire a pro. I've done it myself a couple times and it's awful.
evanthomaspaul's avatar that I meant that moving it by yourself, without a pro, is awful.
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Definitely get a professional piano mover or you could risk ruining the sound forever on your piano....not to mention your back. It's not worth the risk. I paid $75 to move my piano from one room to another and down 5 steps.
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There is no good way. I have our old family upright in my living room & have advertised for years to GIVE it away. No one wants it. My husband is going to chainsaw it up for campfire wood. (Anyone in the Chicago area want a FREE piano???) Please!

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