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Calendar lovers: do you favor certain themes or motifs or subject matter in your annual choice of wall calendars?

Asked by Jeruba (43948 points ) November 19th, 2008

Choosing wall calendars for the year is one of my annual treats and indulgences. I require a minimum of six, strategically deployed around my environment, and I enjoy choosing them for others.

The master calendar goes in the kitchen (if it ain’t on the kitchen calendar, it ain’t happenin’). You can keep your electronic schedule; just give me a wall calendar with big spaces.

If you’re a regular calendar buyer, do you seek out certain types—art, travel, folksy, pets—and what are they?

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I use a desk calendar. I have one now with birdies on it. I cut out the cutest ones and hang them up around the office. I have shadowing calendars, on-call calendars, company car calendars… I’d get a cute wall calendar, but all my co-workers would think I was calendar-crazy.

For all you lovers of GTD and cute design, check out this site with lots of nice templates for forms, cover sheets, calendars, etc.

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yes i have several calanders at home and they are all of lighthouses, that is where i got married was at a lighthouse. so i have many lighthouse things. as of right now for calanders i have about 7 of them. but still don’t look at the date.LOL! love the pictures though.

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At the mall by our house after thanksgiving (if not sooner) there is always a kiosk that sells nothing but calendars and my parents always pick one out for me and give it to me as a Christmas present, so I never get to pick :( but most of the times its pictures of the breed of dog I have.

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Mine are all of boxer puppies.

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A few years ago, my mom found a calendar entitled “Extraordinary Chickens” with pictures of interesting looking chickens for every month. Every year, we have to track it down, but now it’s a staple in our house and we love it!

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@Katawa, I thought you were kidding (sounds like something in a Gary Larsen cartoon), but look!

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i like cat calendars and i like calendars about artists and their art.

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I like art calendars too, and I like beautiful scenery, like the National Geographic and Sierra Club ones, and unusual photography. I’ve also been known to go for LOTR and other literary themes.

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@jeruba: haha, yep, that’s the calendar we get every year. It actually is quite interesting and inspired us to watch the chicken version of a dog show one year. It was a lot more competitive than one might think…

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@Katawa…“watch the chicken version of a dog show…” boggles the mind. I didn’t even know there were TV shows for dogs. In the chicken version, chickens play dogs? Or the dog roles are voiced by chickens? or—dare I ask—they use subtitles? I’m not a TV watcher at all, so I can’t picture this, but I am appalled at the sheer poverty of my imagination.

Oh, wait…perhaps you meant a SHOW. Like for show dogs. Only for show chickens. Um…

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@jeruba; Yes, I did mean like show dogs only with show chickens.

Don’t worry about getting words mixed up. The English language is filled with words that have dual meanings.

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@Katawa: That’s what makes it so much fun. And also poetic.

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