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Where did the saying "Spit spot" come from?

Asked by Trance24 (3289 points ) January 2nd, 2009

Mary Popins says it a lot in the movie, but I have herd it other places. I know what it means but was curious where it came from. Any ideas?

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I’ve never heard it outside of the Mary Poppins movie.

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@bythebay – you do not need to tell me what I already know. It was not originally formed there contrary to common/ urban dictionary belief. My Great-grand mother used to use the phrase long before Marry Poppins ever existed. So I am trying to figure out the true roots of it, and why the phrase is used as such.

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@Trance24: How in the world am I supposed to guess at what you already know? Nowhere in your question did you mention that you had heard it PRIOR to the movie. Did your Great-Grandmother carry a magic carpet bag and slide down banisters, too? Sorry for offending your sensibilities.

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Excuse me if I came off rude bythebay that was no my intention. Your retaliation in insulting my great-grand mother however was kind of uncalled for.

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fwiw i was going to say mary poppins too eek

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