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I'm applying for a job online, I was a waitress/server what should I put under job duties?

Asked by JDUENSKIE (1 points ) February 2nd, 2009

It’s for a restaurant in Sands Casino

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customer service

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try serving people food drinks, cleaning tables, making drinks at the bar, using computer operated till :)

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Tell them about your ability to manage many tables & tasks w/ease. Talk about the large station you carried (#of tables), and additional responsibilities like working the food/service register (mention the system by name); list any and all tasks you regularly performed. Did you bus your own tables, did you work at the service bar?

If you’re applying for another restaurant job, they really already know what you did. Just outline and talk about your abilities to deal with the customers effectively and in a positive, professional and friendly manner. Make sure to mention that you maintain a professional appearance, have adequate transportation and that you are timely. Tell them you work well under pressure. Good Luck to you!

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In addition to bythebay’s excellent points, if it’s true, talk about your strengths. Examples:

—Able to remember and accurately juggle several complex orders.

—Asked for by customers.

—Got along well with other wait staff, kitchen staff and management.

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I would agree with bythebay and Marina. If you’re applying for a job in a different field, how you perceive the work tells a lot about you and your work ethic.

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