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Did something break at the worst possible time?

Asked by wundayatta (58321 points ) February 26th, 2009

What was it? What happened as a result?

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My cell phone. It wouldn’t turn on and I know the battery was charged and everything. I was on my way to a job interview and the directions I had got me so lost. I had to stop at a gas station and ask for directions. Luckily I made it just in time but I planned on getting there early enough so I could collect my thoughts and go over some information, instead I was all frazzled and extremely nervous.

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Over Christmas, we traveled to my grandmother-in-laws house 500 miles away with our (at the time) 4 month old son. As we were coming down her driveway to go home, our transmission quit. We were very lucky though, had it lasted enough 15 miles, we would have been on I-20 in Atlanta.

Anyway, there were so many things wrong that we’re just now getting it back this weekend. As a result, I have been stuck at home for two months while my husband has been using my car to get back and forth to work.

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The straps on my flippers. Full tank of air, beautiful weather, great visibility despite a strong current, buddies all ready to go, but no flippers. Feh.

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@Darwin awww so sorry buddy maybe next time

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my heart, it never repairs.

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@toolo awww sorry to hear that friend.

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Wait no my mama says her water with my big sister. She was shopping and her water broke so she had to drive to the hospital and didn`t get herh groceries. Bummer!

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I was grinding up a bunch of herb with my buddies when i see my friend going out to smoke a cigarette. I swing my chair and get up and as i do my elbow taps my bong and i watch it fall off my desk and shatter…i have to say the smell was worse then the glass.

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I bought a beautiful snow globe/music box for my grandson on the day he was bornm, and it broke on the way home, so I never got to give it to him.:(

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@scamp Aww but we were still grateful.

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Yesterday, my evil empire Time-Warner cable broadband service went out 5 minutes before my webinar.
I H A T E T I M E W A R N E R !!!!!

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@steelmarket – that is why I won’t use them for anything. We use Grande which has only gone out twice in five years. Once it was our fault (our dog bit through the cable that he dug up) and once it was theirs (cable modem went bad) but they fixed it each time very quickly.

TimeWarner on the other hand – Feh!

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my mum’s car. the day before her and her boyfriend were supposed to go to a zoo that’s about an hour away (he’s on vacation from new york). and while she was about 40 minutes away from home on her way to pick me up from a show.
it ended up okay though. my uncle picked me up, brought me to where my mum and her boyfriend were stranded, and we waited for a pickup truck until like 1am.

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