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Free/Cheap Ad-Free Wordpress Based Blog?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (744 points ) February 28th, 2009

I have had my personal site (built using Wordpress) for a while. I have been paying about $8/month for hosting and am wondering if it is another expense I could get rid of.

I could move it to but I believe it costs to have your own domain name (other than registration fees) and to not have advertisements (which can look tacky). I think it would run around $50/year with those two options.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be a good option? I have thought about Google Pages, a paid Wordpress Blog etc. If necessary, I am okay with moving to Blogger as well.


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I have a wordpress blog hosted here. It is pay as you go hosting. Hosting for the blog is about 50 cents per month. It doesn’t get much traffic. And a domain is 10 bucks a year.

If you decide to use them let me know. I can walk you through installing wordpress.

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@johnpowell I know you’re being modest/classy by not posting your site. May I see it? Also, can you give me an idea of what you end up paying each month… and how many hits you get each month?

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Honestly.. I don’t track the stats. But it isn’t many hits. And it is hard to tell since I use it as a image host too. I would say that images are 75% of the cost. I would say the actual blog is 10 cents per month. And here is the blog. I was drunk and had a bad idea. Two hours later that became a reality. But really, Allie is to blame for it.

edit :: The site will go down soon. I only have 07 cents left on the account. And my debit card isn’t working at the moment.

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Well, I host a site with wicked bandwith limits on and seems to cope well. There are 2 or 3 popups when YOU go to login to your CPanel, but no other ads!

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@justin5824 Thanks for sharing. I don’t think they allow using your own domain name. I might just be asking for impossible here. Maybe, I should think about splitting the site into various places— for the professional stuff, for resume, and a wordpress subdomain for the blog. Cross linking each of them might be the way to go.

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@johnpowell really? less than a buck a month? That seems a lot more affordable and fair than paying a flat fee for very little traffic. I think I might go with that.

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@johnpowell… okay so I checked. NearlyFreeSpeech will cost me the same as HostMonster. Checking into Byethost and Yakkel.

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Yea, byet allows you to have your own domain.
Just add the domain to the CPanel, and add
to the domiain as NS’s

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@justin5824 I tried ByetHost. The setup was complex but it did turn out to be doable. The big downside now is that if you go to a page that doesn’t exist, you land on their page filled with ads and popups. That would have been okay if it didn’t contain suggestive/adult ads.

So far, ByetHost seems to be winning among the free hosting services.

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@justin5824 by the way… I am going to check if I can fix the 404 page and make it look professional. Will keep you posted.

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Okay. So, I settled on GoDaddy’s hosting service. It was pretty cheap and had everything I needed. Thank you all for your help with this.

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