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Are you using Google Voice? Do you like it?

Asked by jlm11f (12332 points ) August 24th, 2009

What do you use it for? I have an account but I am not quite sure if I need it yet, so I am looking for experiences from other Voice members to see how they are using this product. What do you like/dislike about it?

Check out Google Voice for those who don’t know what I am talking about.

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yes, i use it, to a degree.

until you can tie it in to your phone’s voicemail, like YouMail, it’s pretty limited. I use to text people thru my laptop, without having to pick up my phone.

i do like that it synced with my google contacts, which syncs with my blackberry. that made things easier. but basically i use that # (for now) for internet related stuff.

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Yeah, it’s useful. I am a volunteer advocate at a rape-crisis/domestic violence hotline, and it’s great to call clients from that number so that they can reach me in an emergency, but can’t stalk me. When numbers are portable, I will bag my landline.

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I use it. It allows me to text from my computer keyboard for free. Also I put that number on resumes so I know that I will get the call if I am away from my house or I am at my house and my cell phone is dead or whatever.

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Additional Q: Can we change our Voice number in the future using the same account?

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@PnL in what sense? like, pick a new number for your GV account, or convert the GV number to your phone as it’s main #?

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I use it for medical contact with patients. They can have my google voice number to reach me, and I can call them with the number from my cell without the stalking issue coming up.

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@PnL to my knowledge, no.

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@PnL You can change it in the future, but Google will charge you $10.

I’m using it a little, and I like the principle of it, but I’m not sold yet. It forwards to my skype and my cell at the same time—which is great, but it’s annoying to see the missed calls on the other device even if I answered them.

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You can’t beat free. I use it as mainly for texting since I only have 200 a month. Its also nice to be able to give out a number and not be spammed. You finally have control over your phone.

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Actualy I don t use it.

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I’ve used it, mainly to talk to my wife PC to PC. The sound quality is pretty good, as is the connectivity; it’s better than Skype IMO, and as @styfle observes, you can’t beat free.. I haven’t checked out the video chat yet.

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I would use it if it could dial extensions. As it stands now, I’ve got a number, but I don’t have much ability to capitalize on it.

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We love it. I hooked it up with an ATA adapter and we have a home phone for free now (besides 30$ for the adapter). I used these instructions to set this up:

It rings like a normal phone and we can hook our coordless phone up to it

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@Russter – That’s pretty cool.

Thanks to everyone for your input. I currently have Voice hooked up to forward to 2 phones of mine. The problem I am having right now is that often when people call, it just takes them straight to voicemail. Then I have no way of knowing that they called until and unless I decide to randomly check if I have voicemail by calling the Voice # or I happen to go online and see an email about it. I cannot get SMS-ed about the voicemail because my two phones don’t have texting.

Any suggestions how to get around this?

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Hm, you may need to check your settings in google voice. Perhaps you accidentally hit the setting to forward all calls to voicemail? Make sure you don’t have “do not disturb” feature enabled….

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@Russter – I double checked. No such setting is on.

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Maybe try going into your settings and deleting one of your phones and then re-add and make sure to verify it again. Let me know if that changes anything.

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I thought some of you might be interested to know that you can now use Google Voice keeping your existing number. – source

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