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How long before USPS or Fedex makes it easier to pick up packages for which you "missed" the drop-off?

Asked by mirifique (1511 points ) September 30th, 2009

Say what you want about the conveniences of ordering things online, but every time I order something I have to drive about 15 miles to the Fed or central Post Office to pick up my package because I was apparently irresponsible enough to be working instead of sitting at home all day waiting for my package. I mean, I could ship it to my work address, but I’d really rather not because it just seems unprofessional. I realize some apartment buildings allow delivery people to enter in the building, but seriously, how long before USPS or Fedex installs something like “neighborhood drop boxes” or apartment drop boxes where they could drop you a key and you use the key to get your package? At this point, it really is faster for me to just go to the store and buy what it is I need. I’m thinking this would only help companies like FedEx and USPS, as well as the entire online shopping industry. Thoughts?

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Interesting Idea. It sounds like it would be expensive and difficult to implement.

Maybe they could use ‘licensed’ drop off spots, where local stores could apply to be a licensed drop off spot for a certain area. They could then charge a small convenience fee. It would also be good for customers to be able to choose if they want the default place to be the depot or the drop off spot.

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UPS (not usps) allows you to ship things to the nearest UPS Store location and you can pick it up there during business hours
they may be a small fee included with that but that depends on the owner of the store.

you can also tell people to use the “leave at door” option, in which you dont have to be there for them to drop off the package. This may not be ideal if you live in a apt, but im sure you can work a deal out with the main office for them to hold the packages for you at the front desk or something.

the options are there, you just have to know where to look.

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@kibaxcheza That’s assuming you live in an apartment building with a main office, right? You also don’t always have the capacity to select the carrier; often times online retailers have contracts with specific carriers, which have specific drop-off limitations. UPS seems to be on the right track, but my nearest UPS store is a good 30 minute walk away. It just doesn’t seem like a sustainable system overall.

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I was just stating the system i knew and possible solutions to your problem. Im sorry that none of them are suitable for your needs.

TBH i try to avoid FedEx as much as possible. I find their service to be shotty, and unreliable. Ive never had a correct drop off date through them, the boxes are always mangled, and one time the driver drove into my garage. I know the last part doesnt sound bad, but it the garage was closed, he hit the middle support, and there was a mint condition 1968 Camaro in side….

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I live in a small town so they just leave the box on the front porch if your not home. It is not very often that you actually have to sign for something here. The UPS man drives down my road just about everyday, so if he decided not to drop if off because of no one being home, then he would probably just bring it by the next day.

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Next time you get one of those beige slips from the USPS, look on the back. You will see that we will redeliver your package to your address on whatever day is convenient for you.

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@AstroChuck But what if I work during the day? Can you do weekends?

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We do Saturday delivery. We even do Sunday and holiday delivery on Express mail items.

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You can also have things delivered to you at work.

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It would be easier for apartment owners to place a delivery box in front of their building than to expect the delivery company to accomodate you. We put a pass through box in the front of our apartment building, with a door the deliveryperson could open, and push the package into the corridor.

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