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How to make the Bridge To Terabithia crown?

Asked by xTheDreamer (840 points ) September 30th, 2009

Have you guys seen the movie Bridge To Terabithia? Well almost at the ending of the movie Jess brought his little sister May Belle to Terabithia and then you’d see Jess putting a crown that’s made out of branches on May Belle’s head.

Here is a picture of the scene with the branch crown:

I was wondering, how can I make a crown like that? We are doing a haute couture for art class & that is something what we need. So if anyone know how to make a crown out of branches like the one in the movie please tell me. Thank you before hand.

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Cheap & easy:

You just need an 8–10 inch round grapevine wreath from the craft store

one strand of green leaves with small purple berries (this you will pull apart and glue or wire onto the wreath)

Both should be simple to find near you at any craft store since it’s autumn. The leaves with berries will be a garland (it’s super cheap right now at about $4–6 per strand) otherwise you could get one stem worth at about $3–4 a pick.

If you want to do this for free:
Find someone with grapevine growing on their property and ask if you can have a 3–4foot clipping. That way it’ll already have bits of leaves and grapes on it. Just soak it in water if it’s stiff, then wrap it into shape.

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@SpatzieLover That’s so great but the thing is we live in a place where there’s no grapevine and we don’t have autumn haha but is there a kind of branch/vine that we can substitute the grapevine?

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Sure @xTheDreamer, any sort of vine material should work to make the wreath. Even an old “woody” ivy would do quite well.

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@SpatzieLover Alrighty, thank you so much(:

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Just go to a craft store, buy a long garland of fake ivy, then form it into a crown.

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@YARNLADY Yeah…that’s the problem it’s not like where I live our craft store has everything that the craft store in the states have. That’s the sucky part of where I live.

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@xTheDreamer Can you get them mailed to you? Many craft stores have online sites, such as Michaels, and JoAnns

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@xTheDreamer: not important to the question, but they based the movie on a book by Katherine Paterson. it actually hurts a little for me to refer to it as “a movie”. (maybe they made a great film, I have no idea, as I haven’t seen it. regardless, the scriptwriter[s] did not originate the story.)

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