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What's the best and cheapest way to get from Amsterdam to Dublin?

Asked by kwshoes (12 points ) October 9th, 2009

I have to get from Amsterdam (the real one, in the Netherlands) to Dublin (the real one, in Ireland) between October 17th and 19th. Any suggestions for a cheap flight would be appreciated.

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Bit late to organize the transport , You need to grab onto a plane by the wings

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This is the cheapest alternative ever

Fly from Eindhoven to Dublin (there are buses to/from Amsterdam.

Seemed like EUR 59. Don’t be late and don’t bring to much luggage. They are super strict on everything like that. Flying Ryanair is like taking the bus in every way from comfort to price. You’ll have to take the good with the bad – but it’s dirt often dirt cheap (also in every sense of the word).

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Does Easyjet still exist? I may be dated in my info here, but I used to fly everywhere in Europe on easyjet for incredibly cheap.

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Easy jet is the cheapest…...i’ve always travelled on that flight….........its the most reasonable of all other flights….

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