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How long after giving birth does a cat go into heat?

Asked by tdreichert (228 points ) January 17th, 2010

My cat gave birth on January 2nd. Now, she is starting to “meow” alot…..reminding me of when she was in heat. It seems a little early for me.

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Way sooner than I thought. We took a stray in, she had kittens, I took her in to be spayed 6 or 7 weeks later and it cost extra because she was pregnant! Then she went missing. We called her C-note while she was here. I don’t think she liked the other cats. Google says they will cycle continuously for a time until they mate, have a false pregnancy or it gets cold.

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It would save a lot of problems if you just had her spayed.

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The common belief is that a cat can become pregnant as soon as the kittens are weaned. In actuality, a queen can become pregnant within a few weeks of giving birth. Get her spayed as soon as the kittens are eating any solid food.

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I believe a cat can go into heat shortly after her kittens are winged off of her.

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@jamcanfi74 “winged off”? Perhaps you mean “weaned”?

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