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I am a slow migrator of the former know exactly what happened to it?

Asked by KhiaKarma (4253 points ) February 13th, 2010

I miss my old peeps, but am happy that I found this site and some familiar faces.

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A lot of them are on another site. Some are still on here.

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Sup dude.

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It is deceased.

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@Ivan sup?! Good to see ya!
@JOE How did it become deceased? I have just been searching it out of curiosity. Looks like there was a quite transistion…. I’m kinda late in the game here. Kinda like starting off again in a whole new school.

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You might find some familiar faces here.

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Hello! Mr. Q here! :)

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I’m Benny Mattson.

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Dr. Thanos here. was shut down b/c it was losing money and they couldn’t figure out a way to turn that around. In my opinion it died because they added too many features that slowed it down and fragmented its user community. They forgot that the #1 maxim of good design is KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid. Fortunately, many of us have managed to stay in touch using other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Fluther, Minekey, Answerbag, and Inquire.

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well you know me

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There are a handful of us kicking around I think.

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BTW, in case you didn’t figure it out I had the same name on…except my O had a line through it.

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I’m here.

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@mattbrowne :) Your post on something that I googled aout led me here!

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@KhiaKarma – Is it still possible to google – I thought all the content got deleted?

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@mattbrowne this is what I found last month. :)

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@KhiaKarma – Yes, and I left a comment there as well a couple of months ago. What I don’t understand: Why is there no read-only version of all questions and answers somewhere on the web? The content is valuable.

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Has something been done to guarantee the work being done here at fluther remains alive?

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@mattbrowne Before the site died, Will gave everybody the opportunity to download all their questions and comments. I did that, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it.

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@Rarebear – I did that too. I just think the content should be available to everyone on the web. It’s possible to use this:*/

and you can drill down into a text-only history of the site

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This made me very sad.

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Long live in our hearts! toasts

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