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Is this a great example of our tax dollars at work?

Asked by jerv (31034points) October 10th, 2010

First off, I don’t want anybody here to turn this all partisan since Washington has been what it is regardless of who is in power.

But here (or, alternatively here ) is the new $1Billion Department of Defense building for 6,400 workers with no roads going to it, no parking, and no access to public transit.

Do you think that there will ever be an end to this sort of ineptitude, or do I just have to embrace the horror and accept that we will always be ruled by morons?

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I read it. i would say that i do not believe, but i believe it.

Wonder what the Federal Government could have done with $1 billion dollars, to help our economy?

They could attempt to recover some of the taxpayers money by converting the whole mess into a casino/bingo hall. this way, at least the citizens would be able to use it for some benefit and recreation.

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It’s pretty astonishing, all right. It’s about on par with the very idea of locating the nation’s capital in DC in the first place, two hundred years ago. At the time (and until into the 20th century) it was a swamp, and at its founding it also had no roads, few amenities and no other infrastructure.

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Oh don’t get me started!

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Sounds like another clever scheme to reduce carbon emissions. Make everyone work at a location you can’t access by car. Sure there’s no alternative but if you make driving difficult, Americans will find a way. Isn’t that our entire energy strategy?

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I’m sorry, but this type of travesty is common and will remain so as long as the general public refuses to get involved in the government by and for the people.

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Just another hold over pork project. Ted Stevens in Alaska got away with the Bridge to Nowhere project and this was the sister project Road to Nowhere! Sure it creates jobs….that the other 49 states have to pay for! Yay for our team!! Which ever that one is!

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Stupidity is limitless.

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@Cruiser Team America: Fuck yeah!

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This is not stupidity. This was planned, devised, and schemed.
They knew what they were doing, and this way they got around the additional cost on the proposal.
This is DC at it’s most nefarious.

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^^^at the very least. If you get over believing the “incompetence narrative” you see this shit for what it really is.

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How did they get the materials to build it into that area? People had to get there to build it. Did they fly everything in?

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The road in can handle a few trucks. It can’t handle 6400 employees coming to work at the same time.

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Somehow, government projects keep ending up like this. The problem, I think, comes from a dearth of the right competencies.

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Uh-hmm, may I draw your attention to the fact this has to do with the Dept. of Defense, uh, does the name, Halliburton, mean anything, h-mmm? Oh don’t get me started!!!

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@zzc Actually, I don’t think that (assuming that you are correct in your conspiracy theory) Halliburton has anything to do with this. I imagine that a company would be more competent than to wholly ignore the need for parking lots; this is an embarrassment.

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@Nullo, I was just thinking about all the money the Defense Dept. has spent, much of it involving Halliburton, that turned out, to not add up, in more ways than one. I hadn’t thought specifically of a “conspiracy theory,“or that Halliburton was involved in this situation. Guess I was just, thinking of “wheeling and dealing”. There have been other projects that don’t make sense, lacked forsight and planning, but someone made money.

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@zzc By ‘conspiracy theory,‘I was referring to the tendency that some have to go “OMGHALLIBURTON EEEEVULZ PENTANOGN BFFBBQ!.” While I can certainly concede some contracting favoritism, I will not buy that they’re in bed together.

There is a saying: “Never attribute to malice what can be attributed to stupidity.” I’m sorry to say that there really are people that foolish in places of delegated power and responsibility. And yes, someone will profit; it’s not the building contractor’s fault if the guy making the decisions is a nutbar.

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@Nullo, that’s a very interesting saying, I hadn’t heard that before, h-mmm, yeah, I could go with that. It’s all very sad, either way, I think. Thanks.

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@Nullo Hanlon’s Razor, my personal motto :D

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@jerv, I tried to thank you on an earlier thread for Hanlon’s Razor, but some kind of conspiracy kept my message from appearing.

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Another likely factor is the Peter Principle, which states that an employee will eventually be promoted past his level of competence.

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The Peter Principle: SOP for the government.

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