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Why are most teenage girls thinking about death now?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) October 16th, 2010

I’m asking based on observing most teenage girls from my age to age 19. They usually say something about death or dying…I don’t see why? Is it only a phase that they go through or will they always think about death till the future?

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I don’t know but I’ve observed that to. In my e.l.a class we were suppose to write a short story and half of the kids wrote about serial killers. It’s not just girls either. I don’t get it I mean it’s not like they all experienced bad things It’s just on their minds. Maybe It’s all the movies and shows about killing like Dexter for example.

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Maybe it has been too long since I was a teenager (ha! it’s been all of two years) but this was not an observation of mine… at least not as an exclusive trait for females. In general, I think some teenagers begin to contemplate mortality in comparison to their younger years simply because they have entered a new stage in life and are on the cusp of transitioning into another stage (child to adolescent, adolescent to adult.) I don’t think it is at all abnormal to ponder about death.

It’s when we wish for death to arrive that there is cause for worry.

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In my opinion, always have, and probably always will.

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holy mary mother of god I hope that’s not on my daughter’s mind

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I agree with @muppetish. I think about death a lot. But it’s usually because I don’t want to die without living. I am just curious as to what this new ‘adult life’ has to offer and how it is different. I want to know if I’ll be happy when I die. I think about those types of things.

I want Another One Bites The Dust to be played at my funeral. :]

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I haven’t been a teen since the 80’s but morose, depressed, suicidal, lovelorne girls were normal fare then too. Omg- that one got pregnant and is showing… that one got herpes from her bf and everybody knows… that one got dumped by her married/teacher bf… that one didn’t get the grades to get into such-and-such Uni., etc.

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Girls, especially teenage girls, like drama. That’s why they like gossip, scandals, forbidden romance, and television shows about all those things. What’s the most dramatic thing that can happen to a person? Death. Suicide, murder, terminal illness, etc.

Especially with the rise of movies/TV shows like Twilight and True Blood, and with “goth” bands like Evanescence having been popular for awhile. There are a lot more depressed female role models for teenage girls than there were a decade ago when it was mostly just Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and the like.

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That’s weird i think about Teenage girls all the time…...Spooky.

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I think girls figure out that that death is a possibility, and many make the association between risk and death sooner than guys your age do. Case in point: how many girls are featured on Jackass?

And we seem to have the whole Christian-Vampire-Teen Romance thing going on these days

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Are they goths? Are they into philosophy? Are they deeply unhappy? Do you just know an unusual group of girls?

If you want to know, ask them. I sure can’t tell you.

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As a 17-year-old girl I’d have say that I do think about death a lot. I have depression that I take medicine for but the option never really goes away. But I do think that thinking about suicide is normal. Most everyone, at some point in their lives, will consider taking their lives. Or at least think about it. Most of the time it’s not serious, but it’s always better to be careful. Anway, as of why, I don’t know. Part of me is just lazy and living seems like a big chore, but part of me is just so sick of all the bull shit and hate that humanity emmits. We’re capable of a very strong love and bonds, but we can also create more destruction than any other living creature on this world. It’s sad really.

Btw…love loss or whatever has NEVER been an issue for me. That shit is so trivial compared to other things in the world and what the fuck do I want to get myself involved with teenage boys that aren’t ready to have a serious relationship. So for me, no, love and guys have never been a reason for considering suicide.

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With all the stress and drama going through a teenage girls life, should she not be curious about it? I ,a teen myself understand.

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Chivalry is dead.

Apparently girls loved the guy that would wait hand and foot on them, even if they didn’t deserve it…

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