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How do fun, remuneration and competition serve as motivators in your life?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) October 21st, 2010

I was just thinking about free time and how a lot of people in my native culture think that is a dangerous thing. People with time on their hands get into mischief. Then again, the more time you have, the more recreational or creative activities you can engage in. You might have more fun!

Work, of course, is one way of trying to get yourself what you need to live, or to live comfortably, or to live extravagantly. Work can also be fun. Many people are motivated by the joy they find in doing the work.

Competition is related to work, but I think some people take it as a mantra. They must always compete to be on top. Keeping up with the Joneses is what makes them happy. Proving how good and how well off they are what drives them.

I’m sure we all have different mixes of these motivators in our lives, but I don’t know if it’s possible to tease out the role each plays in your life. I’d like you to try.

For me, fun is the biggest motivator. I want to make music. I want to fluther. I want to go on vacations and travel and see things. I want to lie down in a hammock with a great book and the woman I love and have enough privacy that we can do whatever we want, should the fancy strike.

Of course, the only way to get the resources needed to do that is through work. But I enjoy my work, too.

Competition is something that runs deeply in me and I hate it. I always want to be the best—it has to do with my upbringing and it isn’t a pleasant thing for me. Competition was always a no-win situation for me because no matter how well I did, even if it was better than everybody else, it wasn’t good enough. That made it a tad bit problematic to feel good about myself.

How do these things play out in your life?

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Happiness is my biggest motivator. I do things that make me happy and will lead to more happiness. I am also a competitive person, but I try to keep that reined in to just game time. We play card games, board games, and video games quit a bit as something to do together as a family. I don’t consider material possessions or my career to be a competition.

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I don’t do competition very well at all.
Fun is definitely a motivating factor.
This generally equates to some form of relaxation because I’m exhausted at the moment.

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@wundayatta I am very much like you wanting to have fun every step of the way and try to even make work less painful by sneaking in here as much as possible. I have always competed my whole life and I don’t mind losing buy I play to win and will even let the girl win one once in a while! ;)

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Fun – absolutely essential deal breaker.

Remuneration – to a point as I live in a cash economy although I prefer exchange and favour this where possible and have no interest or motivation in doing anything anymore if it’s only about the money.

Competition – only ever with myself, I prefer collaboration.

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I find planning ahead is my greatest motivator, and like @Seaofclouds happiness is my goal.

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Competition is a biggie for me also, no matter what I do, I want to do it well and better than others. But I haven’t found it to be a bad thing, it has spurred me on to achieve more in many areas than I would have otherwise.

Fun is good too, and most of the time I find a way to avoid the things that aren’t fun for me. I left the real world a long time ago and entered a field that has taken good care of me financially doing what I would do for nothing if I couldn’t get paid for it.

And of course remuneration, it has never been the primary motivator for me, but I have to admit I like money. I like spending it but I like earning it as well. I have been broke more than once in my life and having money in my pocket is definitely much preferable. I am lucky (and smart too ) in that I have arranged my life so that I enjoy what I do to make it .

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Great health and knowledge of how to keep it is my goal. A level of happiness should follow, hopefully.

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