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How often do your best friends/friends in high school stay your best friends/friends later in life?

Asked by SamuelArnold (61points) October 21st, 2010

Well I’m currently in high school right now and I only really have one best friend and only a couple people I really consider my friends. How many of them are going to actually still be my friends later in life? I’ve heard people talk about how most of their friends in high school they never saw again. Is this true? Am i going to never see some of these people ever again?

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My best friend in high school, senior year, is still my best friend after all these years. I’m 52. It’s great having someone you can just say one word to and they know exactly what you are referring to, or that you can call and they know all your life history and have lived it with you.

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That’s entirely up to you. Make an effort to stay in touch. Easy.

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I have one close friend from high school. A couple more I see every year or two. I am in my 40s. But I haven’t lived in my home town since I was 19.

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My friends in high school weren’t really friends. They were more like frienemies. It took me 10 years post graduation to really realize that but once I did I stopped staying in touch with them.

That being said, my best friend from childhood is still a good friend.

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I had about 3 truly close friends through high school. We lost touch, because we all moved. In the last several years, we’ve found each other again.

And one of them is coming to visit me next week! I’m so friggin excited!

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I don’t hang with anyone from high school anymore, although we did have some nice conversations with some couples who now live in Oregon.
That was at our 40-year reunion.

They kinda invited us to visit, we were enthusiastic at the idea, but that was in 2005 and none of us have bothered to call.

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The further apart in time you go the more likely your friendship will be lost to location changes and different choices in life, but a few may remain and some may be rediscovered [one reason I like Facebook]. High school for me was a very long time ago, and sometimes I think of the song “Bob Dylan’s Dream” I couldn’t find it sung by Bob Dylan but try this
I knew that song in the 60s and those friends in the 60s

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I have 2 friends from elementary school, almost 50 years now.

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I have one friend left from school – elementary school – and the rest have disappeared. If you’re lucky, one or two will stick it out with you. But my friend and I have been very close for 15 years now, and I don’t see it ever changing.

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Location changes are certainly a bummer. I still try to keep in contact with my friends from high school, and for the most part they still want to keep in touch.

Then, there are some who just keep ignoring my emails. After several tries to contact them without any luck, I just figured that I should take the hint.

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I met my best friend on the first day of infant school, aged 4. We’re both still friends, 40 years on, despite living hundreds of miles apart.

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Of the five of us who were very close, none of us are in regular contact due to location and lifestyle changes. Despite that, I still feel a stronger bond with them than other friends I’ve made in the past 30 years. If any of those girls were to pick up the phone today and say, I really need you here now, I’d jump on a plane and go.

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Wife still has two girlfriends from high school, that are attached at the hip. they have and will always be best friends.

I do not have a best friend from high school, other than my wife and she is “still the one”.

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I only had a few close friends in high school. I still keep in touch with my best friend that I have known since second grade. We are both 39 now. Thanks to Facebook, I have recently caught up with a few more friends, but we don’t have deep discussions. If you are lucky enough to have one good friend, it is nice to still have them in your life. Other than that, meh.

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Two out of three very best friends from HS are still friends. One of them contacted me from Classmates, the other one I went to visit ten years ago in our hometown and we’ve been emailing and visiting each other ever since. We grew up together.

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My best friend from middle and high school is still a friend, and we have been friends for 29 years. She now lives in Oregon, while I am still in Ohio. I would love to be able to see her, but we connect now on Facebook, through e and postal mail, and my husband and I are planning on visiting her and her husband whenever we can find a week that we all have free time. She has been my friend through school, college, my brain injury… I consider myself lucky to still count her among my friends- we have shared so much of our lives.

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