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Cold, overcast days; who feels as though they want to hibernate? Who's up for a big, pre-Winter snuggle?

Asked by Jude (32112points) November 4th, 2010

45 here and overcast.

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Me! I’m curled up under my blanket right now, dreading going out in the cold to get my son from school. It’s so windy here and the wind it making it really cold.

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Goodness, yes! It makes me want to sleep endlessly under a fuzzy blanket and wake sporadically only to eat things like homemade mac and cheese and soup.

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Oooh! Me! Pick me! It’s the same here, I haven’t changed out of my sweats all day, only going out to empty the dog, mostly reading, Fluthering, and watching Hawaii 5–0 so I can see some warm.

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It’s sunny and nice here. In the 70s. It’ll be getting cloudier and cooler soon, though…just a little break…

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You’re all welcome. Pile on, lol!

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45? I have no idea what that means. At leas for 3 more months.

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It’s 95 here, much to my dismay. Very un-wintery. I would like to hibernate until the thermometer drops below 70.
I’m always up to snuggle with the beautiful people though, winter or otherwise.
I’ll be there in 5.

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45 degrees F, Chazzie.

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I’m jealous of your weather.
May I ask in what state, province, or country you live?

It’s going to be over 90ยบ here today.
If it was 45, I’d be out having a brisk walk and enjoying the autumn foliage.

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Our high for today is 42, it’s not there yet, it’s drizzling, make some room.

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Ontario, Canada (Southwestern, Ontario). An hour from the Detroit/Windsor border.

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I live in Florida I will not see 45F for a while.

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I’ll come pile on for the group snuggle. It is 50 degrees here and drizzly.

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Now that you’ve refreshed my memory, I do remember you saying that some town in Ontario was about the worst place that you’d ever seen.

I lived in Ottawa until I was 8 YO.

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Ah come on it’s not that cold. Wait until it get below 0, maybe then I’ll think about snuggling.

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@Brian1946 I am not a fan of Windsor. That was the city that I was talking about. I live in Sarnia (the Bluewater area). It’s gorgeous here. :)

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Always up for a snuggle; already naked. (Oops – shouldn’t have said that!)

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And, those are you flippers poking me in the back, right? RIGHT?

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And that’s two soft cushions I’m poking them into, right?

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Well,it’s 46 F and overcast here.Almost time to get out there in it! No hibernating,evah!Said in the voice of Joan Crawford ;)

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I’m getting warmer already.

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45 sunny and breezy and I am going bike riding after work!! ;)

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I’d rather fly south for the winter.

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@mama_cakes It’s 21 in central Alberta today!!

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I’m just a little cooler than you today @mama_cakes . I am not so close to the lake so my temp fluctuates a bit faster than yours does. It’s gray and dreary, I’m thinking about soup for supper.
My weather forecast for tonight just said “mixed precipitation”. Nooooo!
I am up for the group snuggle if there is room.

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Please send some this way because I’m ready with a Duraflame log, cocoa, soups, freshly washed pillowcases and a clean oven. We had 91 degrees yesterday :(

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90s here and loving it :) Especially this week, I am loving California!

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41 degrees max tomorrow in upstate NY! Let me outta here!

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I’m surprised we haven’t gotten any snow yet, here in mideastern MN. It’s gotten below freezing, but not snow. I hope we have some for Christmas, but after that I hope it melts.

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We had a nice blast of snow/sleet at rush hour…..let the fun begin!!

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I’m ready. I love snuggle up weather. Got my snuggie ready, stocked up on my wine and plenty of books. Yep! I’m ready.

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Mmmm, yes please. It was like that here on Tuesday. I hated that I had to get out in it to go the grocery store. I just wanted to stay home in my snuggly pajamas and read a book.

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It’s been around 40 and raining cats and dogs all day. When I came home from work I was cold, tired, and miserable and my feet were wet. The first thing I did was change into some nice warm PJs and wrap up in a few blankets on the couch. I’m thinking of making some mulled wine tonight.

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My sorrows and my pains fall with the leaves, my fears leave with the coming of the darkening skies, and my eyes see once more when the Sun is vanquished by the might of dusk.

I smell the dead of Winter coming with the fading light of day, and it is good. In the frozen hours of the early morn, I hear the songs of the wind, and I sing in turn along with the raven. (That’s what happens when you smoke too much.)

The darkened days of Winter and their seemingly neverending nights is when I thrive, it is when I once again meet my soul, and when my heart resumes its beating. It is when I live and feel once again. As a gargoyle freed from stone, I witness the weeping of the clouds as they cover the land in white. I hear nothing but the falling snow in the dark, the wails of the storm at middle night, and the lashing winds fill me with glee as the people run and hide, they cower and they curse the price of Winter tires, I stand and laugh, full of delight and awe, and wait for the frozen night to banish you all, as I walk forth to meet the fading Moon, and hear the Sun’s pleas as it struggles to bring you back.

The land is in repose on Hallow’s Eve and yet you shall thrive again once the dead cease to roam the land, but pon’ this time, you all go and fondle each other by a sickly fire if you will you, spineless worms! It shall not save you from this living nightmare, this nightmare which is my Heaven!
Scream and plead, I shall answer thy cries with a whispered no.

I shall stand alone, for I am naught but another solitary sentinel, solemnly watching, my skeletal arms gracing the sky, home to the owl and the raven, and soon enough, some furniture company.

Sleep, O weak ones…I shall stand guard, and watch over thee…’‘opens a window’’

…I live in Canada, gotta come to terms with shit here. Sorreh. XD

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Definitely. I would do anything to be curled up under my blankie with a cup of tea and a good film right now.

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Yay @Symbeline . That’s got right through to my soul, and scared the hell out of me at the same time. Nice

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Yeah, it’s definitely cold here. I am trying to convince my dog that she wants to cuddle under the covers, but all she wants to do is chase her ball. :-)

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@Dr_Dredd I’d tell you what’s going through my mind, but you’d slap me. :)

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@Adirondackwannabe I think I can guess. :-)

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I’m always up for a group snuggle!

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