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What are the rules of an ex-wife turning in an ID Card?

Asked by PROUDIMOUT (4points) November 15th, 2010

I separated from the air guard on 23 August 2010 and surrendered me and my current wife military ID cards on that day? Today, 15 November 2010, I find out the personnel office encouraged my ex-wife to keep her ID Card until it expires in about 6 months. Why can she keep using the military benefits when I separated from the military 2 months ago? Most importantly—I am the one that served my Country? Why does she get more privileges than me and my current wife?

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Where do you live? This could be a question for your VA Rep or if you live in Texas (or served in Texas) you could contact the Texas Veterans Commission. I have a relative that works for them and I’ll ask for clarification.

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I think who ever told your ex-wife that is misinformed. If you have no contection to the military anymore, neither should your ex. I believe your ex has those rights while you’re still in, but not after. So who ever told her that probably was under that assumption.

Also, maybe your ex simply lied to you so she could still use the PX.

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@proudimout answer came back just now:

I would encourage him to check with officials at his nearest base or nearest recruiter.

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