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Do you dream in first or third person?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12677points) November 15th, 2010

Do you dream in first (you experiance things as if it was real life), or third person (you are looking down at yourself from the outside).
If you answer yes to any of the above, tell about a dream that you have had (to make this a storytelling thread).

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i dream in first person. I tend to dream about the people I care aboout and fantasies

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The majority of my dreams are in first, even if I am not “me” (as in a representation of my waking self) in my dream. I have had dreams in which I started in the first person and then split into a third person perspective, and fewer where the entire dream was in third person. I never dream with a bird’s eye POV, though. When I have dreamed in the third person, I am usually off to the side.

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I dream in the first person, and it almost always been this one nightmare (I guess you could say set of nightmares, it all depends on the choices I make in it) that I’ve been having since I was 8 that as has kind of been unnervingly accurate as to how my life has panned out so far. Pretty much no matter what path I choose, I die violently and alone in the world. I’ve grown kind of used to “dying” every night though.

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I dream in the first person, at least of the dreams I remember. I’ve seen my reflection in mirrors in my dreams.

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Usually in first person, though occasionally in third, which is how I could tell that the way I look in my dreams is not the way I really look.

I had a weird experience with a dream I had about 12 years ago, and later found a build in Second Life that was almost exactly like it. I wrote about that here.

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It depends, most of the time I dream in first person, but occasionally I do have a 3rd person dream. Those tend to be much “stranger” dreams.

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Mainly in 1st person, and occasionally in 3rd person. There was one dream where I was a pre-teen boy playing with two other boys. I watched this boy (that was me) as an outsider. While there was nothing odd or scary about the dream itself, I’ve always wondered about it, considering I was a female 20-something.

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All my dreams are in the first person. Most of my dreams are quite bright and pleasant and take me to some wonderful places. Others are quite broken up and jumbled and make little sense.

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First person. I never remember specific dreams for very long, but I do remember generic elements from flying dreams. It’s really quite funny, because the way I get into the air is to start walking up these invisible steps. At some point I make the transition to flying, and I can fly for great distances, but never quite far enough to make it to my destination.

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I dream in third person, mostly. Any first person dreams I have are therefore so much more memorable.

I find dreaming in third person can be problematic sometimes. I had a dream where I was fighting a ninja assassin woman on a train and she ended up killing me. I think in first person, I would’ve woken when I died in the dream. In third person, though, I just kept hanging around in the carriage where my dead body was and nothing interesting happened for the rest of the dream until I woke up.

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