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Any good, easy dog tricks?

Asked by vade66 (68points) November 18th, 2010

I have a jack russel terrier with a little bit of rat terrier in him but he is slightly larger and calmer than a jack. He knows sit, lie down, roll over, high five, and shake. My other dog is a dachshund beagle mix and knows sit and lie down. Are there any EASY-to-learn dog tricks that would be safe for the dachshund mix to do (because of spinal injury risk)? I’m not very worried about the jack, though. They both can learn pretty fast if they are taught correctly with a gentle voice but the dachshund mix will walk away if I’m a little too strict with him so I try to be gentle. Any good, easy, cool, and/or funny tricks that are easy to learn? Please give me step-by-step if you can!!!
Thank you!

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Are you asking specifically for your dachshund mix?

Here’s a resource for dachshund agility training. I’ve never done it, but agility training looks fun!

I have an American Hairless Terrier (similar to a rat terrier). He recently (barely) graduated from adult training school. Eventually I’d like to get him involved with agility training. He is able to stand on his hind legs. If you want your jack russel terrier to do this, let me know and I’ll share how I got my pup to do the trick. I wouldn’t recommend it for your dachshund mix though.

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Once they’ve learned “lie down” and “stay” you can teach them to not accept food without permission. This means that you can offer a treat and put it on their paws (or on their nose if they’ll stay still enough) and not try to eat it until you give permission. My dog will do this and it really impresses people.

It also has advantages too in that the dog will not “steal” food that’s not theirs.

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The easiest way to teach a trick is to work on something your dog already does and reward him for doing it on command. I taught my dog to speak but she always has a few practice trys before a bark actually comes out. So now I say whisper 2 or 3 times and she does this practice jaw snap sort of thing and then I say speak and by then she is ready to bark. My little dog likes to scratch her belly by crawling on her belly so I taught her to do that on command by saying crawl every time she did it. I am now working on the one where I point my finger at her and when I say bang she falls over in a dead down!

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I taught one of my dogs to do ‘Hi-five’. I taught her to give me her paw before I gave her a treat, then I gradually introduced her to a ‘hi-five’ by placing the flat of my hand on her paw when she was offering me her paw.
One of my other dogs started to dry her feet on the rug when she came in from getting her paws wet. Now I give her the command ‘dry your paws’ and she knows if she does this she will get a treat. It is really quite amusing to watch!
You just have to keep reinforcing your commands, and eventually they will understand. Good luck… I am sure you will have fun teaching them :))

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My dad has a dachshund and she rolls over just fine no problems. To make it easy for them to learn the trick get them looking at the treat a piece of chicken or a small bite of hot dog works just great. Then have them look to the left over their shoulder and pull the treat around behind their bottom, they roll very easy and they love it! Good luck also to get them to sit have them face you and hold the treat up until their bottom hits the ground use the command Sit, give them praise when they do it and a small piece of the treat. From a sit position hold the treat in your hand and put it close to the floor and pull away the dog should go to a Lay Down position use the command Down and give the treat and praise the dog highly when they do the act wanted. Three very easy commands that are good for any dog! Good luck!

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