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Can a doctor fix this?

Asked by Marchofthefox (787points) November 18th, 2010

I sort of have a lazy eye and I want it fixed. Its not real bad, but it bothers me.

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Is the eye lazy (moves around in different directions than the other eye) or is the eyelid longer than the other eye?

There are therapies for both.

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Sometimes. See an eye doctor.

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“Early treatment is usually simple, employing glasses, drops, Vision Therapy, and/or eye patching. While detection and correction before the age of two is considered to offer the best outcomes, recent scientific research has disproven the long held belief that children over seven years old can not be successfully treated. See a press release at National Institutes of Health—National Eye Institute.

While no recent scientific studies have been done on treatment of amblyopia after the age of 17, the optometrists in our network collectively report decades of clinical success with adult amblyopia. [This editor hopes for NEI studies on adult amblyopia and neuroplasticity].

Treatment of amblyopia after the age of 17 is not dependent upon age but requires more effort including vision therapy. Every amblyopic patient deserves an attempt at treatment. ” Source

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I had surgery at the age of 4 to correct mine. It doesn’t show now, but it didn’t save the vision in that eye.

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@tigress3681 well, when I’m focusing on something or looking up my left eye goes to the right like if I’m going cross eyed.
It bothers me so much because I feel like everyone knows and I can’t look at people for too long.

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@downtide What do you mean? Did you go blind in that eye?

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@projectilevomit I think I was blind in that eye before the surgery. Something to do with the brain receiving conflicting images from each eye, and shuts one of them down. I can sort of see a bit in that eye but it’s vague and blurry and rather like looking through translucent black film.

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Thanks for clarifying projectilevomit

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@tigress3681 so, should I consult an Optometrist?

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@projectilevomit I think you should, yes.

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