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What news surprised you because it gave you relief when you expected pain?

Asked by wundayatta (58599points) December 12th, 2010

Like when a person is on the run from the law and they are relieved when they are finally caught. Or like when a close relative dies and you feel relief instead of overwhelming grief. Or like when someone breaks up with you and you feel relief instead of hurt.

Have there been any moments in your life when your feelings surprised you because they weren’t what you expected? What happened? What feeling did you expect? Why do you think you got relief instead? If this hasn’t happened to you, but has happened to someone you know, please share that story as well.

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I’m sure you guys are tired of hearing about this stupid deployment and I promise it’s almost over. When my husband told me that they were going to be turning off the internet access that they had in their rooms and that they were moving out of their rooms into tents to get the rooms ready for their replacements, I expected it to be really hard for me because I wouldn’t hear from him as much anymore. I expected for me to cry a lot more, miss him a lot more, and feel disconnected from him. That was almost a month ago now. While we don’t get to talk as much as we did, it’s actually brought me a huge sense that the deployment really is winding down and is almost over. It makes him coming home soon feel so much more real. I know that we don’t get to talk because he’s busy teaching his replacements how things work and getting his stuff packed up and ready to come home. It makes not talking to him as much completely worth it. :-)

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@Seaofclouds I can think of few things more difficult than having someone you love being so far away and not always able to make contact. You just keep talking about it as much as you like, nobody begrudges you that and thank you for your sacrifice and for keeping the homefires burning. :-)

I haven’t had that relief yet but great gram is fading fast. She has no notion of present time and has forgotten most of us. Every night she wakes in terror thinking that ghosts are haunting her. I wish her physical health weren’t so good. Letting her go will be a relief.

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I had my balls warm jelly wanded to check for testicular cancer. My balls are fine. I was happy about that.

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It hasn’t happened to me yet. A friend did tell me once he was relieved to admit finally to his family he was a drug abuser because then he could start treatment feeling some empathy (if not support) rather than just the anger, guilt, shame and fear he’d been carrying around on his own while pretending he was okay and also pretending that everyone around him was fooled.

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Hopefully when I heard what my grade was on my final exam…..

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A friend said she really needed to talk. I thought she had some major health diagnosis. Not to belittle her concerns, but she just wanted to tell me she was gay. I breathed a real sigh of relief!

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When my divorce was final. I thought that I would be conflicted. Actually, it was he greatest day of my adult life.

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I had surgery on my nose or rather my sinus’ and they had to pack them. They told me I had to take two pain pills before I came for the unpacking as it would be painful. I couldn’t find anyone that could drive me that day, so I couldn’t take the pain pills. He pulled out the packing and it was relief, not painful. I actually said to him “bless you, that didn’t hurt a bit.”

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I felt a sense of relief when I learned that I was pregnant with my youngest daughter. I had suspected I was pregnant, and at first I was thinking “Oh shit”. But when the second line popped up on the test stick, I felt a weird sense of relief and almost immediate joy, instead of the anguish and worry that I had expected.

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When I woke up from my last colonoscopy to the news that my doctor thought I ought to get my colon surgically removed (you are all probably so damn tired of hearing about my colon). This really should have been “bad” news – surgery is kind of the last resort – but I can’t pretend I haven’t been thinking about surgery for a while and how it might really be the thing that gives me my life back. I couldn’t just keep doing what I was doing and hoping for a different result! So it was, oddly enough, relieving to hear that some big changes were going to be made.

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