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Where is your peaceful place?

Asked by Sweetpea (406points) December 17th, 2010

Where are you or what are you doing when you are feeling absolute peace?
One of my favorite places in the world is a cool Pacific Ocean beach during the fall or winter. I love the cool mist, the white caps, the breeze. I love breathing in the fresh, damp, sea air, looking out at miles and miles of ocean. It is so huge and I feel so small and insignificant. It helps me put myself and my problems into perspective. I always feel so refreshed and at peace when I am at the ocean.

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Three places.The ocean on the outer banks,N.C.,the path on my daily walks and a park I have gone to :)

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Right here.

(Lake Chipican)

And, here.

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Fluther. Really. The last couple of years it’s my home away within my home.

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@lucillelucillelucille, @Jude,

Beautiful! What is it about water and nature that are so peaceful, even in a storm?

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@seazen Really?! I do enjoy it here, but definitely not my peaceful place. I know a lot of guys who go play on their computers to relax though. Maybe you do, or is it specifically Fluther?

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Eyes closed, headphones on, volume up.

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@tapestryofregret and what are you listening to?

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@Sweetpea Oh, lots of stuff. Pink Floyd- Great Gig in the Sky instantly comes to mind..really the whole album Dark Side of the Moon, though at times it can get pretty chaotic. Neil Young, America, Fleet Foxes, Kings of Convenience…just to name a few.

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Oh! one more…..try The Crystal Ship – The Doors, for some reason that just struck me..ok I’ll shut up now

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At the bottom of a bottle of Absolut Vodka. :) I love that shit.

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Forests in the Pacific Northwest, especially on our property,

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@Sweetpea Other than Word and email, I only fluther. Oh, a little google and youtube, of course. But I don’t play games or surf that much.

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Nowhere in this world, but rather, in my nightmares when I sleep.

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Sitting beside a fire, watching the flames.

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@faye Yes! That sounds so nice. Flames are somehow mesmerizing, aren’t they?

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I love it!

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In bed with my boyfriend, talking and laughing.

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I feel most at peace when I’m completely alone and there is no noise. I am alone with my thoughts, but I’m not even really at peace then. My mind conjures some pretty disturbing stuff.

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Hiking and taking photographs in the mountains, especially near a lake or a creek.

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@Kardamom That sounds beautiful…there’s that water again…what is it with the water? It’s nice to have so much of it around.

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I also like to sit at the beach – in any weather. Driving there, this on the radio, made me smile and at one with the universe. If only for a moment.

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