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My cactus is horribly lopsided. Help?

Asked by deni (22665points) January 10th, 2011


I bought a hanging cactus plant (which can be scene at my home in Beijing here) and it just keeps getting more crooked. It’s not a huge deal but its a pain to water it because if I don’t balance it out the water spills everywhere and I usually get pinched a bunch trying to balance it in the first place. And it would look less like trash if it wasn’t at a 45 degree angle and completely lopsided and uneven.

Just wondering if there is anyway to balance it out a bit, THANKS IN ADVANCE.

Edit: I should add that I did try rotating it to try to get it to grow back towards the sun but this did not help at all.

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Maybe I am missing something here but I would rotate the pot so the other side get some sun exposure and once it balances out a bit rotate the pot gradually every watering to keep your plants even all around.

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@Cruiser I forgot to mention. I already did that. Probably…2 months ago. I think I’ve had it for 3 or so months. Nothing changed.

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Maybe it is sad. Did you give it an appropriate name?

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I can’t offer any practical help, but i’d just like to say that thing is awesome! Has the look of Medusa’s head…..kind of.

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I can’t help either but thank you for making me laugh :)

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I vote sad cactus, although it shouldn’t be sad because that’s one fucking awesome looking cactus.

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That is one amazing cactus!! What if you put it on the floor for awhile with the small side facing the sun?

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How old is it and how fast does it grow? As a last gasp you could cut it back. It may be getting misshappen from old age and that might rejuvenate it.

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@faye If I put it on the floor I feel like the arms might break? They’re pretty sturdy and I’d have to bend them…but maybe I’ll try.

@Adirondackwannabe I bought it like 4 months ago from a hardware Lowes-type store around here with a great plant section…so I doubt it’s old age…

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I’ll look in my plant books and get back to you if I find out anything.

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I have a feeling that it’s not so much unbalanced as it is top-heavy. That is, it’s a relatively small pot (which is probably allowed to dry, since it’s a cactus) which makes the bottom even lighter compared to the plant material, and since it’s a succulent, those arms are loaded with water.

So the only permanent way to fix this, I think, is to make the pot itself considerably heavier. You may need to re-evaluate the entire hanger, or whether it even can continue to hang, depending on what you’re hanging it from.

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This picture cracked me up.

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The question made me laugh. The details made me laugh. The picture made me guffaw.

I don’t have a solution for you, but I wish you and your crazy cactus the best of luck.

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Keep us in the loop- I’d love to know how the cactus gets on.

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@deni, you need to meet syz.

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Is it a single plant, or are there multiple plants in the pot? You could try repotting it and turning some of the plants around, breaking up the clumps.

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@deni Looks like it may be an aporocactus family member and they don’t grow symetrically, from what I could find. They like filtered sunlight and a big pot with plenty of room and they grow fairly fast. Right now they would be in their dormant period, so not a lot of water, but when they’re growing actively they like a surprising amount of moisture and a fairly rich soil for a cactus. No standing water ever. Turn the cactus so it’s unfilled side is towards the light and it should fill in a little better in the Spring. Any questions let me know.

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@Adirondackwannabe Thanks! That’s how it is now…I think the pic I posted was taken before I rotated it. I guess I’ll just leave it for a few months and see what happens. I fear replanting it for a few reasons….1. I’m not very experienced with plants and I don’t wanna be its downfall…and 2. a few small little cactus nubs have sprouted in the soil!!!!!!!! I feel like such a proud parent….Anyhow thank you again!

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@deni If you want to start another they’re relatively easy to propogate. Cut one of the pieces off, let dry for three days and stick in cactus soil.

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I love it just the way it is!
I laughed, it’s cool!

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