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If a turtle loses its shell, is he naked, or homeless?

Asked by shego (11093points) January 17th, 2011 from iPhone

Just wondering.
Edit- Hypothetically if the turtle could be removed from the shell without harm.
There were no turtles harmed in the asking of the question

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The shell is part of the turtle’s skin so if he lost it, he’d be dead.

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The question made me chuckle and the answer made me sad! Good to know a definte answer tho as I do know some turtles lol.

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Yes, he’d kind of be skinless. Much more serious than merely being naked or homeless.

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He would be naked, because if he lived in a tank, or on an island, it’d still be there, right?

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He’s fucked! Royally so.

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both :-(

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A turtle who lost his shell would be lunch. Probably for a carrion bird – or another turtle, or crab or crawfish.

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He’s just going commando.

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Dead. His shell is part of his spinal column.

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I suppose he’d be naked and homeless. And maybe feel just a little vulnerable…

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She would be naked and homeless. How sad. :(

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