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When you see trouble of some kind coming at you, do you always and invariably try to avert it?

Asked by Jeruba (46084points) January 24th, 2011

Or do you sometimes just sit and let it come?

I think many of us just sit and let it come, at least some of the time. Even major life disasters. And I wonder why we do this.

Do you have a story to share?

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I just watched The History Channel’s coverage of 911. Total time viewing was about four hours. As I watched the reaction of the people on the street, not many, at first, ran for cover. I only assume their curiosity held them to the scenes they watching, until the south tower began to fall. Then, it was every man for himself. Panic hit the people and they scattered.

The scattered smoke and debris began covering the people and this appears to be the time they were conviced they should run and they did.

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I always thought this behavior was a product of my depression. I could/can see myself making choices that will end badly, but I make them anyway. I think it’s because sometimes I just don’t have the gumption to act on my own behalf until it becomes absolutely necessary.

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No not always. Some troubles I let hit me in the face and deal with it at the time. For example, if I feel a cold coming on I don’t start nursing the cold then, I wait until I’m really down before taking meds or resting.

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When the dentist says, “If you don’t do a better job of flossing, you’re going to lose that tooth, and it’ll mean replacing the bridge.”

When our colleague says, “I can read the writing on the wall. They’re going to shut down our project, and the whole team will get pink-slipped. We’d better start looking now.”

When the notice says, “Your coverage will be terminated on the 31st. To transfer coverage to another carrier without interruption, contact one of the following agents.”

When the contractor says, “You’re ten years overdue to replace that water heater. Believe me, it’d be a lot cheaper to replace it now than to wait until it blows.”

Why wouldn’t we do something? Why would we just let the anticipated problem fall on us? Do we like living on the side of a volcano, or is it denial, or do we feel that being a victim suits us best, or what?

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Maybe it’s too much to deal with at the moment and waiting until later is actually the better choice.

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I’ve sat back knowing trouble was on the way and let it come. If I’d dealt with the oncoming problem in the first place, life would be much smoother.
There’s a payoff to everything, victimhood included.

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