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Has anyone ever trained their dog to find their keys?

Asked by Judi (39784points) January 24th, 2011 from iPhone

I have lost my keys again and got to thinking, could I train my dog to find them when I do this?
The I think, could someone as absent minded as me possibly train a dog?

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Some dogs are trained to fetch cans of beer from the fridge for their lazy owners lol….I dont think it’d be that hard to train your dog to find your keys. He’d have to get used to the smell and you’d have to start little by little, rewarding him each time with treats….it also depends if your dogs has a good attention span or not..some dogs forget their tricks after hours of being taught..and some dogs remember for a very long time….what type of dog do you have?

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I think you could.
That is a good idea,by the way! I lose mine constantly!
My dog has been trained to get the morning paper and it’s nice not to lock myself out of the house wearing a bathrobe,so I am thinking that key finding skills would be a very handy thing,indeed. Then again,why not train myself to find them XD

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You might have to add a fob on your key chain that the dog can easily pick up, but it should be possible.

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Yes. My husband’s last Golden was trained to find his keys- it was pretty easy. Pair the keys with a treat, and make the finds very easy at first- then harder and harder as the dog catches on.

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If I told my dumb but cuteness overload pooch to go find my keys, well lets just say she’d probably travel to Florida in a futile & ultimately doomed search for them. “Not those keys dummy!” Considering we live in England Town….that’s one lost dawg :¬)

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I could probably train my dog to find my keys. Then she’d chew off the keyfob and hide them down the backof the sofa like she does with most other things she steals. (It’s always the first place I look when I lose a shoe).

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I took my golden retriever to an enormous field one time to play fetch. A frightening storm blew in, so we hiked down the hill about a half mile to the car, where I discovered that I had lost my keys. We jogged back up the hill, and I told him “Get it!”. He stared at me, puzzled, since I had clearly not thrown anything. I said it again, I imagined his shrug, and then he took off, crossing the field in an amazing grid pattern. It took him about 3 minutes to find my keys in the middle of that giant open space. We jogged back down the field, flinching at the lightening strikes, and managed to get in the car just before the rain began. I was forever impressed by my big, goofy boy on that day.

And yes, you could train a dog for find keys, if he has the right temperament and ability.

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Dogs have keys?

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I am reading a book about the training of a search and rescue dog. She demolishes an entire couch to get at all the goodies the other dogs in the house have hidden there…

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@syz, that’s one smart dog!

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