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Scone Construction?

Asked by markferg (1877points) January 31st, 2011

Should you put the clotted cream on first, or the strawberry jam? I’m a jam person but my wife is a cream person.

I can take it either way, but I prefer creamy jammyness rather than jammy creamyness.

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Put it on the way YOU like it, then have her taste it blindfolded. OR, “whoever makes ‘em gets to pick the filling order”

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I like it with the clotted cream first and then the jam, but there is no single right answer.

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I would love it if the cream wasn’t called “clotted”.
That just makes something yummy sound very yucky.

I like the jam first then the cream soaks into the already jammed scone.

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I have to agree with @wilma. “Clotted cream” doesn’t sound like something that I want to put in my mouth.

Why not do half one way and half the other way? Then everyone’s happy.

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I like to do the jam first and then the cream. It seems more structurally sound that way.

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No cream. I’m dairy intolerant. But for those who have cream I think the best way is with the jam first and the cream on top

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Clotted cream? Not sure what that is, and it might be good. But it sounds bad. It’s the word clotted that is the issue.
So, I will stick with jam, since that makes me think of strawberry jelly or marmalade.

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Clotted cream is a very thick unsweetened cream, similar to creme fraiche. Kind of like whipped cream but thicker and not as sweet.

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