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Why did animal rights group disapprove of one commercial with a monkey but not the others?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) February 4th, 2011

Why were animals rights group all pissed off about the money seen in about the last 8 seconds of the Dodge commercial dressed like Evel Knievel when the use of monkeys was more in the Capitol One, Old Navy, and Suburban Group with their “Trunk Monkey”? It is almost like the animal rights groups just don’t like Chrysler or something.

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As far as I know, they did raise alot of concern and awareness about Capitol One and Old Navy. Maybe that was more in Canada ..I don’t know.

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I have not seen the commercial in question, but I do recall Evel Knievel doing dangerous things with motorcycles. If we were to assume a comparable degree of peril, then perhaps their case might be justified. Even the most harrowing Trunk Monkey escapade was fairly tame when compared to jumping motorcycles through time and space.
That said, animal rights activists bug me.

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@Nullo The dang momkey was not even on a motorcycle or riding anything, he just hit a plunger to fire off confetti.
Certainly not beating people with tire irons or welding shot guns like the “Trunk Money”.

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Hmm… Maybe these are different organizations, with their minds on different things?

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I am continuously baffled by what you find problematic, lol. Yes, I’m sure the ‘animals rights groups’ despise Chrysler

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