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How to make my face bigger and bulkier?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) February 8th, 2011

I feel my face is smaller in proportion to my whole body.I am 20 and 6’.
What can I do to make my face bigger and bulkier?
How can I build and bulk-up muscles of my face?

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Just grow a beard, then trim to suit… :-/

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This woman found injecting cooking oil to be quite effective at “bulking up” her face. On the other hand, you could just accept your imperfect face and accept that you are never going to look like Brad Pitt… like 7 billion other people who aren’t Brad Pitt.

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Two truisms I share from having lived a lot longer than you: One, how you look to yourself in the mirror is not, I assure you, how you look to others, most of whom most likely find your face quite pleasing (but in any case, spend absolutely no time thinking about it). Two, time will bulk up your face—don’t rush it.

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Get a different haircut that helps accentuate what you have been blessed with.

People like you no matter the size of your head. (sounds like another question about does size matter)

Embrace who you are. We are all different. You don’t need to do a damned thing.

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Smiling and laughing often use muscles.

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1. Grow an Afro
2. Always wear a cowboy hat
3. Grow a mullet (make sure they hang from the sides too)
4. Maintain a beard that is shaped like Coolio’s beard
5. loose a lot of weight (see the movie The Machinist)
6. Always wear vertically stripped shirts (preferably black)
7.Do the opposite of what Ethan Hawk’s character did in Gattaca
8. or just deal with it

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haha I have no idea

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A hairy face usually looks bulkier than a clean shaven one…

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I am not interested in any kind of plastic surgery or such.I thought there might be some exercises or work-outs for face that I can do and then have protein-rich diet to build muscles like we do for rest of the body?

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The options I put was my attempt at humor.

There is absolutely no way. That is why all bodybuilders look weird. they can effect every muscle in their body and sculpt and reshape them, & oil their bodies, but their heads/faces look like they do not belong to that body. If there was a way, they would have discovered it by now and would have worked out those muscles.

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