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Do your guy/girl friends end up liking you?

Asked by Kokoro (1424points) February 16th, 2011

Why do my guy friends end up usually liking me? Has anyone else been experiencing this as well? Then it’s as if the people you are interested in aren’t interested in you. Is it the games we try to play? Or what?

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You could be a cocktease?

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Most people like me. And I like most people. I don’t see a problem. What is the problem? Or is there a problem?

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Yeah, I had a long “phase” when I was younger where that kept happening to me. It was like keeping platonic boundaries was impossible for a long stretch of time.
I never did anything deliberately to encourage a shift in our relationships, but I think that if the natural attraction is there, and you are comfortable and friendly, sometimes these things just develop. Only you know if you are playing games. Are you flirting or encouraging more than platonic interaction with these friends? It is fine if that is the case, but consider the feelings of those involved if that happens to be true.

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I tend to act weird about people I am interested in, even the slightest. I either make fun of them too much, ignore them, but if I actually get past those to reactions I seem to go into “I don’t know what to do” mode. Like, the ideas of women needing to act a certain way, not call them too much, etc comes into play into mind. They say the men need to do the chasing. I guess with my regular guy friends I don’t think about those ideals and just text/call/ask to hang out as much as I please. I don’t know! So confused.

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I have only had one female friend I wasn’t attracted to.

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That has happened before…
not much you can do except tell them to go !@#$ themselves!—XD
Actually,I just say I am not interested:)

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it’s not likely to help your friendships with your regular friends, so i would try to discourage it if i were you. if it happens repeatedly, i would check my behavior and make sure you’re not encouraging it in any way.

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Maybe because young men are eternally horny, and young women want to be in love. Biology’s plans. I think it’s more the young men wanting the girls, though. Women are fussy, fussy. I was a pretty, slim young thing and had a problem, but I was not a cocktease or encouraging it. I was nice to boys the same as girls and that’s all you have to do.

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Yes, it’s happened to me before. And yes, I’ve wound up liking my friends before. It’s usually a case of bad luck with a dash of leading the other person on, in both cases

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I should be so lucky.

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I just think it is part of life and if you think it is something your doing to cause this behavior in them , just check yourself and see if your enjoying this more than you care to admit , which there is nothing at all wrong with that .
It’s really all in the way you handle these situations when it happens , do you giggle and smile or do you say ’ We need to just be friends , i’m not interested in anything more ’

Knowing your age would be helpful !

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