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So is she into me or not?

Asked by crazykookycat (414points) February 17th, 2011

There is a girl that I know only slightly, because I work with her sister. We have talked a few times and she seems cool, and seems to have a good sense of humor (ie.. she has laughed at my dumb jokes). However, we haven’t hung out or talked intensely or anything like that.

One day she writes me via Facebook saying her sister suggested me as someone to go with her to a concert. Sadly, I couldn’t make the day on short notice. Then a few days later she writes me saying since the concert didn’t work out we should hang out; maybe watch a movie. i say it sounds great and add food to the night, to which she does not object.

Is this possibly a move? I certainly wouldn’t mind getting to know her. She’s beautiful as well as funny, and smart. Am I jumping the gun here, or does this seem like there is a testing of the waters going on here?

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Sounds like a chance. Go for it! What do you have to lose? If she seems willing, I suggest going for first base and slipping her some tongue.

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It sounds promising , just take it slow and respect her !
Good Luck and have fun

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I need to be hit with the Hammer of Obviousness and even I can figure this one out. Please.

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She’s into you!

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Why would she ask you out twice? This is easy.

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Nice! Thanks all. I just wanted to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me.

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It’s sounding like a move to me.

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Like @mrentropy, I need to be hit with the hammer of obviousness on these things, but when a chick approaches the guy, that seems to me to be the hammer of obviousness. Isn’t it? Or are things different these days, and girls ask out random guys even though they don’t have any hope for the interaction?

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I think she’s interested in seeing where things might go, So, yeah… she’s into you! But you’ll both have to wait and see if that means anything in the long run. Have fun, and good luck!

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Should be promising, so go for it…but don’t talk about Ayn Rand. ;)

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Sounds like she’s into you to me. Go out with her and find out :-) Hope it turns out wonderfully.

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She has been moaning to her friends for weeks about your inability to pick up on her attempts to flirt. Finally, one of her friends got so fed up listening, she said, “Why don’t you just ask him out?”

Yes, she is interested.

…or she is desperate for attention or trying to make her sister or an exboyfriend jealous.

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Why don’t you just ask her out?? ;)

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It definitely sounds like she’s interested. Don’t get your hopes up too high yet, though – you don’t know each other well, and maybe the chemistry won’t be there. But it sure seems like she’s hoping it will.

Let us know how it goes :)

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You gotta chance dude(: have fun! come back tell us how it went.

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Well, we went out and it was a bit flirty but ultimately still in the air. No real moves, but I don’t mind. I do believe from our talks that her interest is piqued (as well as mine). However, moving slow sounds good to me; and if it doesn’t work out I believe we’d make great friends. Pretty much the speed at which we move will be mostly on her terms. That’s acceptable.

So, thank you to everyone that answered. It helped take the mystery out of it (or at least made me fell more confident). I think I like this forum (even if I do have to capitalize. Ha ha).

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she is into you. if you want this to work i would try to take it slow dont go out more then 2 times week and get to know her ( family, friends, job or school , what she likes dislikes) get to know all these things about her before you get into any serious make out sessions if you really like her after know all the real things about her and ask about her previous relationships make sure she is not on a rebound.

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All systems are a go. We are fully interacted. A bit late for the make out session advice though.


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