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What's the happiest noise you can think of?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33033points) February 22nd, 2011

Are gurgles from a happy baby the happiest noise you can think of? Is it a babbling brook you’ve reached after a long hike in the woods? Is it the smack of a good morning kiss from your beloved?

What noise do you think of when imagining happy ones?

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Kitten purr.

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A baby laughing til s/he hiccups.

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I second @Jude‘s answer. Purr.

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My older dog mumbling. It’s so funny. Sounds like a grumpy old woman, it’s just cute.

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A toddler laughing hysterically at something.

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A child giggling

The glug, glug, glug of a the first dram poured out of a new bottle of single malt.

“and Solskjaer has done it!” Manchester United 2 – Bayern Munich 1, Barcelona, May 26th 1999

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The raspy sound of a skateboard grinding concrete and the popping sound of a beercan being opened.

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Yep, baby laughter is at the top of the list for me.
Followed by my geese carrying on, laughter in general, and the the happy little sound I make when I rip off my clothes at the end of the day. lol

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When my dog lets out a huge sigh. So sweet.

FutureMemory's avatar

The sound of a page turning.

Aster's avatar

I’ve never had a cat but I think the real loud purring would be fantastic to listen to. I also love the loud crying of a newborn whose lungs are so undeveloped it’s actually a quiet screech. lol this doesn’t last long.

janbb's avatar

I’ll have to with a good toddler belly laugh; particularly if the toddler is Jake.

Stefaniebby's avatar

The purrrr of a cat, also the sound of me locking the door at work after working all day is very nice ;)

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A down tuned (preferably C#) heavy and distorted guitar tone.

Cruiser's avatar

A sincere apology…

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

My youngest laughing.

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Gotta agree with those who’ve said kids/babies laughing. Any little kid laughing can make me smile, but the absolute best is when my nieces and nephews have gigglefits. There is absolutely nothing else that makes me even half so happy.

AmWiser's avatar

The sound of children playing and laughing and obviously don’t have a care in the world, other than laughing and playing.

12Oaks's avatar

The background noise at any baseball game. (Hot dogs…. beer here….. crack of bat….roar of crowd after a hit…. ice cold soda…. programs, get your programs….)

Kardamom's avatar

@Jude Not just purring, but when they’re real content (like when you’re rubbing their tummies and their ears at the same time) kitties will purr and also have this little birdy sound come out at the same time. Kind of like tweeeee, tweeeee. So the purring is a low rumbly sound and the bird sound is kind of high in tone. It’s so wonderful.

I also love the cacophony of a flock of flamingos. It’s hilariously funny when it’s flamingo feeding time at the zoo. I’ts kind of like this: wah wah wah wah wah wah wah (only really fast and about 100 strong).

@chyna I also love the sound of a big sighing dog!

I’m also particularly fond of pigs snorting and certain dogs (like pugs and Boston terriers and bulldogs) snorting.

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@Kardamom – In our house, that kind of purr is called a twirly purr. Not sure why, but we love it too :)

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Oh, oh…..yes, purring cats!

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I’m agreeing with most of the above. My daughters dog makes a sort of contented moan/wheeze when I massage his shoulders, and campfire.

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When they call my number at the deli counter !!!!!!!


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Nothing better for me than a baby laughing..-surprise,surprise—

dindinbaby's avatar

The sound of the Flinthills on a spring night.

My husband when he talks in his sexy voice.

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Awwh, @Kardamom beat me to it! That’s the best kind, when they’re doing that “twirly purr” (to quote @Seelix ). They just radiate contentment in waves, and their expressions are always so mellow and happy.

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I love the sound of my dog snoring when he’s in deep sleep. It’s not loud but audible enough to hear. The sound of babies laughing is also high on the list ..even laughter in general is happy for me. I also really love the sound of humming ..just the natural “not always aware of it” humming. Cat purrs are awesome too. Oh, I also love the tiny airy sound of the spit/hiss that kittens do when they first learn to do so.
And, of course, sharing this elite list…would be music (the songs/pieces that make my soul smile).

As sensitive as I am to noise, there are many sounds that make me happy :)

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Call me a sap, but the voices of my mother, father, and brother are the happiest noise I can think of.

ucme's avatar

A firm pert breast being parped by my fair hand :¬)

joannamc's avatar

@ucme oh how I wish mine would parp. Mine only manage a slight tweet at best.

Favourite sound has to be my man’s scooter arriving outside the door… ah how romantic.

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No one’s mentioning the happy sound of closing the drawer on anther tax year?

THUNK! The only thing that thrives in total darkness, dead taxes. lol

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I second the baby or child laughing, the cat purring, a dog’s sigh, and birds singing, but what I remember from my youth is the sound of a barn full of contented cows eating hay on a cold winter night. There’s something about the sound of the cows settling in for the night.
(And dead taxes)

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A million conversations around you

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I just thought of another combination of sounds that I love. Being out in the woods, on a camping trip, then waking up to the sound of the tent zipper being opened wwwwhhhhhhzzeeeek! Then the crunch, crunch, crunch sound of your footsteps making their way across the pine needles and oak leaves. Next comes the opening of the grate on the fire pit, squeeeeeanK! Then the shhhpitteling and popping and crackling of the campfire. Can you hear the whhhirrring of the breeze through the pines? You can hear the echoes of children’s laughter coming from the far side of the campground. And what is that gunk gunk gunk sound? It’s a woodpecker way up high in tree. These sounds are coupled with the scents of pine needles, fresh coffee and sizzling bacon. I can die contented here.

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@Kardamom I love those sounds described it perfectly (except for the bacon and coffee lol). Plus, my partner’s teeth chattering and body shivers as she rushes out the tent to pee; she’s always cold in the mornings when we camp (err, when I force her to camp with me).

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the purr of a cat, bones popping, my ex loves voice (even though she is my ex and i hate what she did to me i still absolutely LOVE the sound of her voice), my dog yawning, my dad’s motorcycle, and the sound of an ejecting shell out of a gun.

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my baby sister laughing and giggling when i tickle and play with her… it’s THE MOST beautiful sound ever.
apart from that i also like the sound of a piano piece playing….

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I really like the sound of wind chimes on a breezy, quiet, day. Also, the rustling of leaves in the Fall.

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you know the sound that the bill counter makes at the atm when you make a withdraw.

That makes me happy!

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Laughing baby.

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^^^ Unless they are a laughing 2 year old with an orange ring of cheeto dust around their mouth. Gah! I had a cheeto faced 2 year old want to kiss me the other day. No! lol

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