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For those of you who like anime, what is your favorite kind? Shoujo or Shonen Jump?

Asked by DeniFilberto (4points) March 3rd, 2011

I personally like shoujo because its more realistic. I just want your opinions on it(:

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The kind where hot chicks in cat ears get banged.

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Its been a while since Ive been into anime, but at the time I was generally into stuff from Shonen Jump.

I really liked Bleach and such

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HMMM, I don’t really know the difference, but I really like manga.
does that count?

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Last night I watched a Miyazaki film. Forgot how good some of those are.

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@incendiary_dan will deffo go with you on that one….

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I’m not normally into anime, but I’m a huge fan of Princess Mononoke. Of course, the theme in that one is near and dear to my heart.

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