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Have you ever been involved in a romantic or sexual student/teacher relationship?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21467points) March 10th, 2011

If so, what side were you on? What were the consequences? What kind of details do you feel comfortable giving out? I have always been curious about these kinds of relationships but I have never heard of any first hand accounts.

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No, but I had a mad crush on my music history teacher in my first year of college. He had black, longish kind of greasy hair (kind of like Severus Snape) and black horn rimmed glasses. Not usually my type, but he was so sensitive and passionate about the music, that he drew me in like a moth to a flame. I never made any kind of move toward him or made any kind of demonstration to him or anyone else about how I felt about him. But I would swoon inside, everytime I walked into his class. Now every time I hear the names Poulenc, Stravinsky or Shoenberg, I think about that professor and let out a little sigh. I loved classical music before I took his class, but ever since then, it has held an even more special place in my heart (and in my loins).

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Not yet…

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Only in my nightmares.

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Unfortunately not.

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I also had a serious crush on my 11th grade Honors English teacher. He was just had that appeal that draws me in, every single time! I was crushed when he was fired because he didn’t follow the exact guidelines that was laid out for him. I learned a lot in that class; mostly, I learned how not to blush every time he called on me!

Other than my crush, nope. I never had a crush on anyone in college. I think I was too busy studying.

I did know someone in high school (senior year) that was sleeping with a teacher. Even though I had a serious crush on a teacher, I could never imagine it going further…especially at that age. When she graduated, he left the system. They were married two years later. She would “date” other guys, but they were in on the secret. It was only a front. They stayed married for 5 years, then divorced. I didn’t go to the wedding, I was a bit creeped out.

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My sister once worked with a high school teacher who was messing around with the kids. He won’t work with children again.

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I’m the teacher in every sexual relationship ;-)

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Nope. Sometimes I got the feeling that my 12th grade English teacher really liked me (one person actually said that if she ever had sex with a student, it would be with me), but nothing ever went past being friendly with her outside of class (and her giving me the English Award…)

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I had the biggest crush on my 4th grade teacher.

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My English Lit professor (freshman year of college) was quite aggressive in his sexual pursuit of me; but my shyness and realtive naiveté kept things in check. He would even call me at night and tell me about his sex dreams of me.

I learned several years later that he impregnated/married a local high school girl; and I think he had a string of misadventures along the same path. Quite the roue.

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Yes, I have. He was my Kaplan GRE prep professor and twice my age. We wanted each other basically from the beginning but waited to do anything explicitly sexual until the course ended.

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Unfortunately, no.

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Not yet. There’s still plenty of time for that though!

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We had a HS teacher who thought he was hot and was constantly hitting on the girls. He’d probably be in jail today.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Anything “explictly sexual”? What kind of “implictly sexual” stuff did you do?

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@bob_ We met up, I went to his home a couple of times, we flirted, we spoke on the phone, etc.

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I’m dying to ask @Simone_De_Beauvoir if he was married…but I won’t.

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Not unless you count the crush I had (along with much of the female part of my class) on my Junior English teacher.

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I’ve slept with several of my previous teachers in my dirty little fantasies.

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@Dutchess_III He is. I left him when I found out.

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All of my teachers have were horrid. Seriously, where are all the hot teachers? lol

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DUTCHESS!!!!!!!!!!!! What? They’re just fantasies!

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@Axemusica: It’s rare. The major crush I had, was shared by other girls. He was funny, very funny, smart, laid back, interesting, and really good looking – that was just a bonus, too!

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I had sex with a professor. :) But we’ll not speak of that.

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My Jr. High homeroom teacher was a former Playboy Centerfold. THAT would have been cool.
Unfortunately, no.
I do have a friend who slept with a former teacher. She had a crush on him when she was in his class, and she saw him in a bar 4 or 5 years later, and the rest was history.
She didn’t have pleasant comments regarding it. Apparently, he had major issues.

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When I was in Junior High school, it was found out that one of the ninth graders not only slept with one of the art teachers (thankfully it was not the art teacher that I had) but became pregnant by him. She had to drop out of school. And as I recall, he didn’t get removed as a teacher until a few years later, because I remember dreading the thought that I might get stuck with him as my teacher (because I always took art classes) because he was definitely thought of as a child molester. This was in the days where if a girl became pregnant in high school, it was a huge, ugly deal. So getting knocked up by a teacher was especially repugnant.

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Nope. One former teacher of mine tried to pick me up after seeing me on the street one day and asking if I had graduated. I had just graduated high school a fortnight before, and I turned him down flat. At the time, I was utterly disgusted that a man three times my age (and who looked it) would come on to me like that, and in such a crude manner.

I would’ve done with my former high school soccer coach if he’d asked me. I knew he was as attracted to me as I was to him, but we did nothing about it. I was 15 at the time and he was 22.

Now, in my teens, the man singing in this video wrote a song about the same subject. Had he been my teacher, well. Sorry, but I’d’ve had to break some laws.

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@Kardamom ish. I had a female teacher in HS when I was a Senior who….hooked up with one of my classmates after he turned 18. I remember her regaling the female members of the class, around her desk, with some romantic drama moment regarding this kid——how she went sobbing up the stairs at some party or something, and “Jesse” followed her, and she wailed, “What do you want??!!”
And she said, “Jesse said, “I want you baby, for the rest of my life!
The girls dutifully responded with romantic “Ahhhhh” and “Ohhhhh!” I just…didn’t know what to think so I went back to my desk and forgot about whatever question it was I had gone up there to ask her about. This was one of my HS teachers talking about one of our class mates. Creepy now, but just weird then. I think Jesse dropped out at some point….

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I have a serious crush on Jeruba – does that qualify?

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Well, Zen….it’s legal so it’s all good. Unless you start stalking her. In which case she’ll kick your ass. She’s a strong women in case you haven’t noticed!

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Not a teacher, but when I was in high school, I slept with a hall monitor (security guard) who worked there. It wasn’t really a relationship, just a sexy fling. Of course, it was a huge secret.

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No. One of my professors in college asked me out a couple of times but I just wasn’t interested in dating anyone at that time in my life, including a really good looking prof.

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I am smitten with one of my former professors, who is a few years younger than me. I won’t say which one, but talk of velocity, magnetism, vectors, etc., never got me so excited before…:)


Yuck! I wouldn’t have even thought of having a romantic/sexual relationship with any of my past female teachers! They were all ugly broads and old bitches. Not fit for any man. Lol.

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