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How would you handle this hypothetical dilemma?

Asked by Ladymia69 (6881points) March 10th, 2011

You have had everything taken away from you, and I mean everything : your spouse, your children, your parents, extended family, friends, house, car, food, sanity…all of it.

Usually when a human is faced with this situation, depending on their inclination, they do one (or more) of three things: they

a) start begging

b)start stealing, or

c)start selling their body.

Which do you gravitate to first, and why? And remember, for the sake of hypotheticals, you really have no other options.

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I guess I would just throw in the towel and join my homeless friends.

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@john65pennington Remember, your friends are nil. there is no one on your side.

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I’ve been there and I had planned my death with letters to family and all. When it actually came down to doing the deed I stopped and thought about it and turned it around.

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Can I kill myself? If not, I think I would probably be too much of a disaster to have the energy for stealing or sex, so I guess I would sit on the ground and see what happens. Passive begging, I guess.

Does begging for someone to kill me count?

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If there are only those three alternatives, I would start begging. Stealing wouldn’t work for long, and I don’t see people lining up for my 55 yr. old carcass.

Perhaps it is a form of begging, but I’d be hitting up all the social service places I could find.

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Thinking it through I guess I’m kind of proud (in a negative way)... begging doesn’t appeal at all.

I can think of a lot of things you can steal that are essentially victimless, and I don’t really have a problem with selling my body (especially if that’s all I have) as long as I can be safe, so that’s definitely an option.

Morally I would think begging is more acceptable than stealing, but I think I’d be more apt to steal.

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I’m with @Supacase. I’m pretty sure my will to live would be nil.
As for sex, I’m too old to sell my body.
Too guilty to steal.
So if I had to choose I would beg but probably offer some trade in return. Like clean their car or home or shoes. Something.

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B. or C. or both. Fuck begging.

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I’d probably do a combination of begging and selling my body (if anyone would pay me for it). The only way I would steal is if my life literally depended on it. In that case, I might pull a Jean Valjean and steal a loaf of bread.

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@augustlan They do feed you in jail.

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If I were walking down the beach in nothing but my birthday suit, I would do whatever it takes to survive.

I could sleep under a rock. I could find suitable drinking water.

I could be a caveman.

Its human nature that we take care of ourselves…....first.

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I’d figure it out. I’d get help from strangers.

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None of those three work for me at all. I would immediately commit suicide.

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I am too indecisive to commit suicide, too disgusted by stranger sex to sell my body…but I might get there. I would steal as a first option. Begging requires too much reliance on strangers. and I like to take things into my own hands. Steal, steal, steal. I agree that despondence would be hyper-prevalent.

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I guess if I chose stealing I could end up in jail with 3 hots & a cot. Better than the streets. Although I still prefer begging someone to kill me if killing myself isn’t an option.

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