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This world is such a wonderful chance to become what we have dreamed about. What do you want to accomplish?

Asked by Summum (5509points) March 13th, 2011

I hope that all my responses to all the questions I have participated in lets you know that I am unusual and have many experiences that many do not. I just want you all to know that I love and respect you all and hope the best for you. Today is an amazing day for me I have been given so much information and I just want to share with you what I can. So what is it in life that you want to accomplish? I wish to help others as much as is possible. Blessings

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I want to be able to be in a position in which I can make a real difference to what’s happening around the world….to make it a better place.
Also, to be a good person and to be worthy of love.
To accomplish love in it’s truest and most purest form.

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Great answer @queenie you are the best.

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I want to finish my first novel, which is nearly complete in first draft form, and I want to get further into my second one.

I also want to do something notable enough to earn myself a wikipedia article, at least, and a book, at best.

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aww, thanks @Summum… mwah.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You can do and are doing from what I am hearing. Good Luck

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Travel the world a little bit with someone I love and who loves me back.

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From my profile:

I spend a lot of time teaching and organizing with the ultimate goal of fostering/maintaining free and wild human cultures that are sustainable and egalitarian. This means examining the interplay between anti-racist and feminist theory and natural living, indigenous rights and sovereignty movements, and all around trying to understand how the dominant culture uses various forms of oppression as means of control.

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In the words of Woody Allen, I want to achieve immortality by not dying.

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I have fallen short on most of my goals in life. But because I set my goals so high, I still have managed to achieve a high level of success. I still have a few secret goals that I tell no one about. I continue to work hard to achieve them. They keep me going.

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I want to eventually bring about the complete abolition of religion, and rule global society from my tropical island mega-city paradise via a scientifically-engineered social structure based on encouraged hedonism and enforced community co-operation, the population being indoctrinated from birth. Children will be taught that literally nothing in the Universe has any higher meaning, and life is solely about becoming as healthily happy (or unhealthily, if you must) as possible, so long as it doesn’t involve exploiting others, or opposing the government in any way.

The punishment for non-compliance with this structure, or showing any support for “spirituality”, “religion” or whatever other form of superstition, will be transportation to one of the many sites of gigantic-statue-construction across the globe. They will not have to work, that will be taken care of by machines, and besides, forced labour is barbaric. They will only need to bow down and pray for my forgiveness for every little mistake they ever made in their lives (but mostly just for doubting my Word for even a second), and then they will be returned to the utopia of normality, to live in eternal bliss (where they could even meet my only Son, if they really wanted to…).
This will show them that:
a) they don’t need to subscribe to any bullshit, to get forgiveness from the most powerful being the Universe has ever known
b) they don’t have to die, before seeing that I was actually right all along
c) there’s really no reason for them to toil away their lives, building pointless monuments to Nothing

Oh- except for the 144,000 most persistently spiritual, pious, holy people in the world, who will be transported to the Moon, where they shall be interned in a specially designed city, in a simulation of their lives, but one in which their day job consists of watching other members of that population, through the state-of-the-art (I’m thinking brain implants) surveillance system, and assessing their every thought and action, constantly adding to and amending the comprehensive reports, all the while judging the suitability (or not) of the others.

Their suitability, that is, to be sent to a terra-formed Mars, on which there will be a “free” society of like-minded souls meatbags, and all the while hoping and worrying that their own thoughts and actions will have been judged suitable by the unknowable collective Mind of the other 143,999. The failures will be continuously incinerated and sliced with rusty knives, kept artificially alive and conscious, listening to the hyper-amplified screams of their children pumped directly into their brains, all until the end of the Universe.

Of course, there is really no unending torture, or a terra-formed Mars filled with holy people, that’s just ridiculous science fiction, not to mention cruel and unfair, those 144,000 will be kept alive and in that city for eternity, but hopefully they’ll enjoy it, because that’s the world they wanted to live in anyway. Besides, if there is a God, by keeping them alive, I’ll be depriving Him of His most faithful servants, and He’ll have to fill Heaven with the Second Team, and yes, I am doing it to spite Him.

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@The_Idler You answer to this question is what Lucifer said and he wanted to have all the credit and get all the credit. This is not something bad and I am not trying to make fun of you but it really is how satan viewed things. Very interesting and I give you Lurve.

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I just want to say thanks for being patient with me and not just pushing me off and answering this question. I totally understand how I come across many times and how difficult it is to see my side of life for it is not in any way a normal way of seeing things. THANKS

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I mean, there’s good, though also bad on both sides – pride, greed, jealousy, wrath – but I mean, at least Lucifer had a realistic view when it came to the humans, and he didn’t even make them in the first place!

For God though, I will say that at least He’s pretty damned honest; He let’s you know exactly why He’s fucking with your shit. Well, unless you happen to live in Sodom or Gomorrah, but I mean, they should’ve heeded the Word of God, and they really should’ve known that He’s pretty violent when He gets angry, so I guess it was all their own fault, after all.

by the way, thanks for being patient with my answer, and I wanted to let you know that right know I’m speaking about 40% in jest, which is probably about double my average, so don’t judge me on this, though I haven’t got the impression that you would… =}

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I would say that there are few that really understand God’s role in the world and our lifes. He is not out there causing anything to happen in this world. The world is governed by Natural and Universal Law and we all are subject to that law including God.

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Some few things.

Most importantly at the mo, give up drinking. The problem is, it seems to be the only thing that has any worth to me, or that gives me as a person worth while I’m drunk, and everything else is dull and bullshit, otherwise. But it wasn’t always like that. I’d like to find some way to go back to actually enjoying the many things in life I did before becoming a boozehound. And frankly, back then seems to be very blurry and faraway. I have been doing some progress though, otherwise I wouldn’t care to answer this question. But then, alcoholics ’‘always’’ do progress…:/

Get my own house. Yeah it’s a lot of work, I know that. I’m very material possession oriented unfortunately, and as such I’d love to have my very own haven that is really mine. Just me, my kitties and all my many things lol.

Travel through Europe. Europe fascinates me, as do its cultures and histories. I was born in France, but only lived there for six years of my life. I’m 29, and live in Canada. But I’d love to travel through Europe, mostly France, England, Germany, Romania and Russia. I’d love to check out Ireland and Scotland too, as well as some Scandinavian countries, especially Norway.
And when I do, I don’t want to go as a tourist. I want to leave with fuckall but a backpack and a couple of cigarettes. Get by through knowing the places as they really are, and not see them as decreed by the limitations of my credit card. I more or less did this from Manitoba to Qu├ębec, and it was a great experience. Imagine doing it on a whole continent. Yes, it can be dangerous, but meh.

Have a relationship with a another woman. I consider myself bi sexual, because I’m attracted to women just as much as men. I’ve never really questioned myself on this, because it always seemed natural to me. I’ve never really spoken of it too much though, nor have I ever been with any woman like I have with men. I did some few things yeah, but nothing major. But I feel attracted to them both mentally and physically. I’m not very good with relationships because I’m like, antisocial or something. But I’ve had a boyfriend for two years, give or take, and that last relationship was very wonderful. I’ve met some girls that I feel I could experience this with too. But I wouldn’t want them to feel like my guinea pig or anything, so I’ve restrained myself. But whether it’s a man or a woman, I would like to find my soul mate, if such a thing exists, or at least, the perfect person for me, as long as I’m also the perfect person for them, despite what I said in my house part lol.

Get my own horror website. I’ve been working on a horror site for a while, will be using WordPress and then find a host for that. It’s nothing but bits and pieces at this point. This site will have mostly reviews. My point with this site is to invite people in the horror genre, and try to illuminate its complexity beyond the general perception that people who don’t watch horror have of it. It’s very hard work though, reviewing movies and trying to explain them in a way that non horror fans will be attracted by. But that’s my mission with the site. I’m trying to be as versatile as I can, reviewing mainstream, remakes, obscure 70’s horror and trying to overall cover the whole spectrum. I have a lot of reviews done, so I got stock for when it goes up. I’ll also include other stuff, to try and explain horror itself as a whole. Such as the definition of different sub genres, the history of the genre itself and things like that. Horror books and video games are a distant addition, if this works well.
It’s really slow though, but still, it’s chugging along.

That’s about alla dat, yo’s.

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Lead a compassionate life.

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own a successful business that will bring about early retirement, thus leading me to doing all the things that I would love to do, without worrying about budgets. Much less on getting back to my home city so I can get to work on time Monday morning.

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I want to accomplish vibrant health. Physically, emotionally and spiritually.
I want to read thousands of books.
I want to ensure my daughters happiness and safety.
I’d also like to own farmland and homestead somewhere rural.
Get a degree in something.
I want to grow old with my husband.

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