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Would you have your thyroid removed if the reports said this?

Asked by Aster (18320points) March 18th, 2011

Ultrasound: results inconclusive
Biopsy: results inconclusive.
Doctor (who removes thyroids) feels it: It may not be cancer but I think it is.
There are three “tests.” Have the thing out or not? Age of patient:
55. (I would not)

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Sounds like unnecessary surgery at this point. I’d get another doctor’s opinion.

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I went through this. I searched for more input. Now, I take a pill in the morning. That’s all.

Do what is reasonable to you. You can’t put it back.

Good luck.

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I would search the web for a doctor who is an expert specialist on thyroid glands and go to him for an evaluation.

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I wouldn’t have anything removed unless I was sure that is the right option. I think you need to do more research and speak to another doctor.

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I would want another bipsy and a second opinion.

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First, it isn’t me. Secondly, the person went to a specialist who said he wasn’t sure. This was AFTER the two inconclusive tests given by two different technicians. Then I read they can’t be sure unless it’s removed which I do not understand. Then she had an EUS which is an Endoscopic Ultrasound where another specialist puts a hose with a camera on the end down your throat while you’re half asleep. He said nothing. He didn’t do any biopsies! The day following the EUS she developed a constant cough. I cannot find anything on this . It lasted over two full months. Benedryl was started and the cough stopped. It’s as if the hose thing injured the throat or something?

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