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What percentage of landfill space that is taken up by diapers do you think may be taken up by adult diapers, not baby diapers?

Asked by jca (36043points) March 27th, 2011

We always hear about landfill space being taken up by diapers. How much of that space do you think is taken up by adult diapers? If you think about it, an adult diaper is probably 6 times the size of a baby diaper. Nobody ever talks about adult diapers taking up landfill space.

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Boy, I used a lot!! of adult diapers as a nurse. The amount of diapers from our hospital alone would be astounding. You are so right!

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Well in the summer program I worked at each summer at least 70% of my students use diapers (intellectually disabled or other severe developmental disabilities). They make up a small percent of the populaion though (though it extends across their lifetime of course). We typically do 2 diaper changes for the 4.5 hours they are at the program, so it is a lot but still kids this severely affected are only 1% of the population.

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