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Can anyone help me with this roofing/shingle problem?

Asked by marialisa (464points) April 5th, 2011

I want architectural shingles to replace my roof. I live in a townhome/duplex. I own my side and the other side is privately owned. We share the roof, as in, share the peak. He and I have 3 tab shingles and I want archetectural shingles to replace my 3 tab. Some roofers say this wont work. I can see the other townhomes in my area and some have done this type shingling on their side. My roofer says different type shingles wouldnt interlock and would create leaking. Does anyone know if this will work???

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The best option would be to get your neighbor to replace his half of the roof at the same time.

You could do it on just your half, but you would have to seal the seam where the two shingle types met. Which may cost more than the rest of the roof.

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My neighbor is too cheap.
How much more would the seam thing be and would it work for sure?

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The roofers who tell you that it won’t work are at least honest, I think; you should listen to them. Any roofer can lay them down any old way you direct, if all that matters to them is getting the job and cashing your check later. An honest roofer will tell you that he can’t do a quality job in “any old way”, and should be respected.

If you’re going to try to fudge this thing and go against good advice, then I doubt if another honest roofer will a) take the job or b) be able to give you 100% assurance that the seam won’t leak over time. And given that roofing shingles generally come with a 20 – 30-year warranty, the shingle manufacturers would probably not stand behind a warranty for that roofing job, either.

Plus, and I think this is the main thing, your shingles wouldn’t match your neighbor’s, on the same roof! How tacky would that look? (Do you really want to go that way?)

Rather than accuse your neighbor of being cheap, why don’t you agree to pay the difference for the architectural shingles on his side? Let’s see who’s really cheap here. (I wouldn’t buy architectural shingles, either, for a single roof in an entire complex of buildings that didn’t have them. Who needs to be ostentatious in that way?)

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Many in my complex that has gotten new shingles in the last few years has used architecheral ones. Whether the other side of roof had 3 tab or not. My neighbor will not get a new roof at all. His side of the townhome is not maintained well.
My side is on corner where the wind hits my house big time. In Minnesota my house had huge snow drifts this year and ice. Also, defective organic Certainteed shingles. The builder did not put a felt lining down and the gutters are all messed up.
Less than 2 years ago a a roofing person checked my home and said I had at least 3 years left to my roof. THe garage attic started leaking recently.
I totally would pay the difference but the guy is beyond repairing anything on his property! :)
I will not pay $6,000 for his roof! ;)

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@marialisa you may be able to persuade him to repair his portion of the roof. Check with a real estate lawyer that has experience with townhouses.

If your neighbor’s negligence causes you damage, you may end up owning his half of the duplex too.

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Do you live in a community with guidelines that must be followed with respect to exterior modifications? If so, that could require him to replace his if you have a leak.

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Call the roofer and ask him for the name of the manufacturer of the shingles he wants to use. Then call the manufacturer and ask their opinion. My best bet is that they won’t honor any warranty on the installation.

Having said that, something else occurs. Do you have a ridge vent? It installs at the very top of the roof. If the roofer is willing, maybe he could install ridge vent after he installs the shingles. That way, your new shingles wouldn’t have to interlock with your neighbors.

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