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I need help choosing a fixed gear bike [fixie] for a person who is 5'1"?

Asked by loveurmindnsoul (380points) April 9th, 2011

So for my girlfriends bday/anniversary/x-mas gift. I want to buy her a bike so that we can go riding together. She really likes fixies since she had one before. I have no clue as to what to get her. She is 5 feet and 1in tall. It would be awesome of the bike cost less than 400$

Thanks =D

Or you guys can just give me some recommendations on fixed bikes that you think rock and/or forums on marketplaces w/ fixed bikes and I’ll go look

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Fixies, along with being fairly impractical for every day situations, are very expensive. I suppose you could peruse craigslist in hopes of finding someone selling something. You could try local bike shops for what they have for sale or maybe a flyer or two there.

I’m hard pressed to think of a place where you could by a fixie in good (ie ridable) condition for under 400$, not to mention a smaller sized one.


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With any bike, the rider really need to try it out and make sure it is fitted correctly.
I am not sure what location you live in, but most of the major manufacturers have a model.
Gary Fischer has one that may fit into this price range, but most are above the $400 point. Make sure it has brakes!
Here is one link Fixies
And another Fixed gear bikes several Fuji’s under $400
@kenmc they are great for urban commute and not a theft target or for @loveurmindnsoul friend.

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I am 5’ and it is sooooooooo difficult to find a bike that fits. I think you should take your girlfriend along shopping and let an expert find one that fits her. No fun riding a bike that is too long, it is so hard on your shoulders.

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Settled on this one

THANKS for your help =D. Unless someone can find me an even better one! My gf’s inseam is 29…so she is pretty short

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I don’t know why I didn’t ask this before but if you are going road riding for fun, why in the world does she want a fixie??? And no gears??? I still say no matter what she wants, she should do some test riding before you buy. And the stem thing that holds the handle bars, looks very long on that photo, for a little squirt, you generally need the shortest one you can get.

But all that aside, that looks like a nice bike!

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Hate to stir the pot but @kenmc is very wrong about fixed gear bikes. The are impractical in very hilly situations but are much more practical from the standpoint of weight and maintenance.

Also, they are flat out much cheaper than comparable geared road bikes. Why on earth would a bike with no de-railers, simpler rear hub, and otherwise comparable parts ever cost more?

@rooeytoo Many people enjoy the simplicity and “feel” of a fixed gear bike. Fixed gear bikes are also nice for training as they force constant spinning and a more regular pace. is a great resource for cheap bikes.

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The op says they want to get a bike so they can go riding together, nothing about training. I can’t imagine riding a fixie to the corner store or out for a pleasure ride. As you suggested, I never found them to be enjoyable going down steep hills.

But just my humble opinion! :-)

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@loveurmindnsoul great that you found something!

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She wants a fixie so she can mess around and do tricks. She likes being able to ride backwards and skidding as they call breaking and doing tricks. She likes the simplicity of it and the control it has. I don’t know much about fixies, roadsters, cruisers and mountain bikes are more of my speciality. I work at REI in action sports…so we don’t sell fixed/velo bikes. I am aware that messengers ride fixed bikes a lot and all of them that do claim it gives them more control. Yes, they are impractical on hills, but we live in San Jose, not San Francisco. It’s mostly flat land here.
@rooeytoo, I don’t think I can handle going downhill w/ fixies…I can barely skid. However, it is pretty fun to ride honestly. Though then again, I enjoy riding anything with two wheels..or anything that ends with board at the end via land or water

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@loveurmindnsoul – I guess I am just chicken!!! It sounds like fun though the way you describe it. Hope she loves it and you have great times 2 wheelin’ all over!

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