Fluther Help

The Guidelines: General Section

The General Section of Fluther has strict guidelines for responding. The goal is to help people get the answers they need. For relaxed guidelines, see the Social Section.

Responses must:

  • Focus on answering the question
  • Relate to the discussion and be on-topic
  • Be respectful; you can disagree without being disagreeable
  • Adhere to the writing standards

Responses must not:

  • Be one-liners, jokes, or chit-chat (please be helpful)
  • Disrupt the discussion
  • Dismiss the asker ("just Google it")

It’s okay to:

  • Use your sense of humor as long as you’re answering the question

Thank you for your effort; it’s because of people like you that Fluther is one of the best places to have thoughtful discussions and learn new things.