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If Pegasus offered you a ride, would you accept?

Asked by Brian1946 (27618points) April 23rd, 2011


If you accepted, would you prefer to use any riding gear, in order to e.g., reduce your chances of falling off him?
Where would you have him go, or would you let the horse choose the course?

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Nah, now a unicorn…that’s a different kettle of fish altogether. I’d ride that horny bastard all day long…..providing it was the female of the species of course.

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Without hesitation. No riding gear, just a flowing white dress and ribbons streaming from my jet black tresses. He could choose where we would go. I didn’t ask him to come for me, so I assume he had plans for this ride. I would also assume it involves pink clouds with shining gold edges and maybe lunch with manna and nectar. And music, heavenly music.
And then I suppose, I’d wake up.

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Yes,I would.
I wouldn’t fall off as I am a good rider,so bareback it is!
I have no idea what he’d be wearing
I’d would direct him to North Carolina.I have some business to take care of down there.After that,he can go wherever he wants.

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Yes, I would accept. I’d ask him where he came from and if it was a good place to live.
If he says yes and says it has internet connection aswell, then I would ride him without any gear to the Land of the Pegususes.

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I probably would have to decline, as I would be a satyr. But we could still be friends.

PS to @queenie: I think they’re collectively known as Pegasi. But that’s just a guess.

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My buddy told me the plural term was peggysue…..a-hoo-hoo.

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@WasCy Lol, didn’t know that. I was just tryin to be funny.
@ucme Think I’ll leave that to you ; )

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@queenie Well i’d prefer to share with everyone, as was my intent ;¬}

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Yes. I’d be scared shitless at first, but hell, yes! I dig horses and flying, the combination would be mindblowingly fantastic!

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Absolutely! I would want something to hold onto so that I wouldn’t have to grab its mane. And it can decide where we go. :D

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I would definitely would accept a ride. Also, I would assume that I was somehow sent him as a sign that I needed to go out and kill some monsters, so I would make sure I had my trusty sword and crossbow. I’d hope that this monster was in some place exotic, like Italy or something. ^_^

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