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What is your perferred being in the fire or the ice?

Asked by MasterAir16 (261points) April 30th, 2011

This question is based by the poem:

“Fire and Ice”

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

By: Robert Frost

What poem meant to you?
Fire or ice and why?

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I’d prefer a mixture of both. Definitely. But if I had to choose, I’d choose ice, I think there would be a better chance of surviving.

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For an essay, is it?

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@Jeruba no it not for an essay, just pulled out a poem and put on the question and being curious as difference perspective from you guys.

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Ice all the way

Two Reasons

One, I live in Minnesota, so I love being cold

Two, when you get so cold, you will become very tired and go to sleep peaceful and never wake up again.

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I’m interested in what the poem means to you @MasterAir16?

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@bkcunningham oh, me too . . .

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Cold shrivels my manhood, so I’d have to go with fire.

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@bkcunningham The poem means to me is: world could be dead by fire or ice. Ice could be slowly to put world end. But it will be great to experience both paths.

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The world’s going to end, and I accept that; but why should I prefer freezing to death or burning to death over the other? I’d rather die in my sleep, thanks.

As for what the poem means to me: Frost is not talking about preferences. When he says he holds with those who favor fire, he’s not using “favor” in the sense of “prefer.” He’s saying he thinks that those who believe the world will end in fire are more likely correct. Similarly, when he uses the word “great,” he is talking about the potential of ice for destruction. So again, he’s not saying it’s good; what he’s saying is that it would do the job (or as he says, it “would suffice”).

What the poem draws our attention to is the capacity of two different emotions (desire and hatred) to cause catastrophic damage in our lives—a point he makes by comparing them to fire and ice, each of which have the capacity to destroy the very world itself in various popular mythologies.

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Even if it is homework, this is a good place to start for a better understanding and learning.

Also, Frost said in an interview he was inspired by the passage Canto 32 in Dante’s Inferno for this poem. It is a description of hell where people are submerged in ice water while burning.

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Like Dante’s Inferno it speaks of desire and hate.

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Desire burns hot.

Hatred freezes the heart

Assuming those are the associations, I choose fire.

But I like ice, too, because it encourages snuggling, which also leads to desire—at least, for me.

And in general I prefer ice to fire, since when you’re cold, you can always warm up, but when you’re hot, you can’t always cool down.

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What does fire do for the man hood? @gorillapaws

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@woodcutter I really don’t want to find out (but at least it won’t be shriveled).

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@gorillapaws I think it would plump like those ballpark franks. At least you would have something to eat :/

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I think this is not a poem of which you can be able to chose what pleasure you to life to death. But what you make the best of which of suffering and ease of life that create the sensation of fire and ice. And how the world is deemed of people feeling of fire and ice throughout the heart and the soul.

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Ice as i have a fear of fire.

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