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Care to vote in the FLUTHER U.S. 2012 Presidential Elections of 2011?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22377points) May 1st, 2011

Just for kicks, would you cast your vote for the would be next American president? We could tally the results in 7 days so that will be next Saturday, 7th of May. Kindly please just enter really existing obvious and potential candidates from all political parties known to most of us. From the GOP there’s Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney etc. and from the Democrats, B. Obama, Hillary C. ( she can right if she wants to? ) etc. plus other Independents…

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Fuck those guys, I’m voting for Zombie Roosevelt.

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I always vote for myself.

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Fuckin’ Lemmy.

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It is pretty safe to say I will not vote for a Republican or whatever Ron Paul is. Obama gets my vote.

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Well last time I voted for Jack Lalanne, but I think he died. I guess it’s time for his running mate, Ron Popeil.

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A second vote for Zombie Roosevelt.

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A second vote for Obama.

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I am going for Mitt again, hopefully he will make it this year!

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I am not a US citizen, but I would throw a vote in for Obama if I could.

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I’m going with Obama, since I’ve seen no fitting candidate come up for the democratic party yet.

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I’m still with Obama.

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George Carlin. George Carlin’s ghost.

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Jon Stewart.

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Barack “Birth Certificate” Obama!

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Shit. Obama needs to beg my forgiveness for the audacity of making me hope. I doubt I’ll vote for him again. Maybe I’ll vote for Nader. He’s still alive, right?

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See I vote for whom I think will do the best job not a particular party, I have voted both repulican and democrate. And seeing how badly Obama has done I wouldn’t vote for him to save anyone, I didn’t like him before he was elected just based on his campaign which had no meat to it. Where was his agenda no where and sorry to say that was what we got a bunch of crap from someone who didn’t know what he was doing. I actually voted for Hillary because she was the lessor of the two evils in my book.

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I would probably vote for Obama, but I really like Clinton. I also like Ron Paul.

To the people voting for zombies or themselves (unless they’re real candidates): One of the reasons we had two Bush terms is because people ignored their right and duty to vote. I know that elections can and are rigged amd the only reason we got Obama instead of McCain is that the margin was too great. I still believe that both of the Bush elections were rigged and it took 8 years for people to get fed up enough and off their asses to vote instead of complain.

Except for laziness and stupidity, there are no reason that national elections should draw less than 90% of the eligible voters. Especially since the conservatives are hard at work trimming the voting rolls. If you don’t vote, the country suffers; hell, I suffer!

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Of all of the people who are serious contenders at the moment, I have to say that Romney is the most appealing candidate at the moment. So if I had to vote today and keep it serious, I would hold my nose and go with Mitt.

That said, I wish Al Franken would throw his hat into the ring.

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@jerv I would vote for an Al Franken and Dennis Kucinich ticket. Either one would make a great president. Kucinich, however, has a really hot wife that would look good at White House parties.

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@jerv maybe they don’t vote because they don’t have the opportunity to choose people like theis:

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What @everephebe said.

Jon Stewart would be the best President ever…if only part of being a President didn’t also require one to be a politician.

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@Ron_C, implying I was actually serious.

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@Ron_C Kucinich is decent, but I honestly don’t think the White House is the best place for him. By the same token, I am glad that Goodspaceguy (yes, that is his legal name!) is running for US Senate and not POTUS.

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DMX for president ^^

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So far, Obama.

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I vote for none of the above! Not a US citizen, therefore my vote is entirely invalid anyway.

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Ron Paul, with Willie Nelson as his VP. =0)

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