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If you could insert a caption/speech bubble to this image, (see details) who would you pick (on) & what would you have them saying?

Asked by ucme (46454points) May 3rd, 2011

The picture to which I refer can be found here. It shows Obama & others viewing the operation which resulted in the death of Bin Laden, yeah that again. Just a light hearted slant on the incident is what’s called for here. Of course, a more sober/reflective approach is absolutely fine too. Answer or don’t, it really is that simple!

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Okay, okay….don’t all rush at once! I shall play by myself then ;¬}
I think Hillary might be thinking…...“Oh god, i’m sure I left the iron on!”

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I’ve got fart jokes going on in my head. Better not say them

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Christamighty! Will one helicopter be enough to get them all out? We don’t need another Jimmy Carter!
Director of National Intelligence James Clapper [far right]

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@creative1 That’s not very….well, creative though now is it? I want individual responses, very much like the one @anartist has just given above :¬)

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oops wrong ID—seated far right is Secretary of Defense Robert Gates—he can be the one saying it. My oopsie.

another discussion:
My God, he’s a sick old cripple who looks half dead! No wonder he’s been marginalized. We can’t let the people see this. Terrorist or no, it will look like we’re murdering Leon Klinghoffer. What can we do with the body?
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

Dump it at sea.
John Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security [standing, second from right, white shirt]

Call it a “burial at sea” and check on Muslim customs.
Audrey Tomason Director for Counterterrorism [woman in the back]

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Over Hillary’s head: “I had no idea muslims could bleed like that!”

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“Damn, Mr. President. You told all of us that horse No. 3 Tobacco Road, was a shoo-in to win the Kentucky Derby. He came in dead last. Does a Glock 40 hold fourteen rounds?”.

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@ucme Rather be the same as everyone else I used my own editing of the picture to just put my bubbles over their heads, there is no question on whom I am talking about this way. I guess if you don’t like it you don’t have to look at it. No where in your post did you specify you couldn’t use your own method of delivery.

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Please God, tell me that’s a prosthetic! Joe Biden.

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If people are still doing this, the photo has IDs of players at Fox News

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Don’t worry, the SEAL link is down but we can watch Braveheart on DVD.

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@creative1 Woah, calm down for goodness sake. I never said I didn’t like it & individual methods of delivery were exactly what was intended. I just thought your response was copied somewhere from the bowels of the internet. Maybe if you’d stated it was your own creation….. So you see, simple misunderstanding that’s all. Mon dieu!! ;¬}

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2nd Answer…..

“Who switched the tv channel to male enhancement?”.

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