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Neo-Nazi killed by 10 year old son. He had custody of his kids. How did that happen?

Asked by skfinkel (13478points) May 10th, 2011

Who decided that this Neo-Nazi, preaching hate and bigotry, would be the best parent? His 10 year old son is now a murderer. I would like to know what the wife was like, or did he just have more money for better lawyers? Who is watching our children????

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Mr. Hall, who led a chapter of the group in Riverside, Calif., east of Los Angeles, had predicted that his political activities — in a world rife with hatred, suspicion and violence — would lead to his demise.

“I want a white society,” Mr. Hall said. “I believe in secession. I believe in giving my life for secession.”

Dang! Looks like he got what he asked for. How lucky is that?

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Because he probably cleaned up for court. If he ever went. Children aren’t taken away from their parents just because they’re nuts. They’re only taken if they’re nuts and a danger specifically to the children most times.

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Children aren’t even taken away when they are a danger to the children. My abusive brother-in-law still has 50% custody and time with my niece, even though he was convicted of felony child abuse against his son from a previous marriage. The court’s reasoning: there is no proof that he is a danger to his daughter even though he beat both of his wives and his son. After all, he did complete an anger management course. effin courts

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Not that I agree for one second with the father in this scenario.. but if the court were to go around taking children away from parents because of their beliefs, I might have a problem with that. If the court had no reason to believe the child was in danger with his father, then his beliefs shouldn’t be a sole reason to deny custody.
I would also venture a guess that the mother was involved with the same movement. People who hold such extreme and hateful views tend to stick together.

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